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Customer Success: Bellows Free Academy

  • Linux, Mac & Windows server agents protecting 900 workstations
  • Windows Disaster Recovery
  • Microsoft SQL Server Agents
  • eDirectory Agents
Key Results
  • Simplified backup management
  • Increased backup reliability
  • Accelerated backups and restores

Bellows Free Academy

Bellows Free Academy Selects Arkeia Network Backup to Protect Physical and Virtual Servers


Bellows Free Academy (BFA) is a four year comprehensive high school which hosts the Northwest Technical Center. Founded in memory of Hiram Bellows, BFA, St. Albans is the largest secondary school in Franklin County, Vermont. It provides secondary education for the students from St. Albans City and St. Albans Town, which have a combined population of 14,000. Tuition students also attend from the towns of Alburgh, Bakersfield, Berkshire, Fairfield, Fletcher, Georgia, Isle Lamotte, Montgomery, North Hero, and Sheldon, Vermont. A 50,000 square foot addition was completed in 1997, including new facilities for the science labs, library, business education, real life, art, music, and cafeteria.

Student enrollment is 1,100 with a faculty of 127 and an average class size of 20. BFA offers a comprehensive curriculum to students in grades 9-12; and accelerated courses in English, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, and World Languages; and Advanced Placement courses in English Literature, English composition, U.S. History, U.S. government, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Calculus, Statistics, and Studio Art.


Before deploying Arkeia Network Backup in the spring of 2010, BFA had been using Amanda, “which proved to be very user-unfriendly,” explained Tom Hebert, information technology manager at BFA. As a result, Hebert started looking for an alternative backup solution that provided an easy-to-use interface.

While researching solutions, Hebert found that Arkeia Software was the only Linux-based solution that provided a Web User Interface. With Arkeia you can configure and administer the products using either the Web-based graphical user interface or the command-line interface (CLI). The CLI allows administrators to script repeated tasks. Because both interfaces are built on the same foundation, the same operations can be performed identically through either interface.


BFA selected Arkeia Network Backup because “Arkeia was the clear frontrunner in terms of technical features, performance, and technical support.” Today, Hebert uses Arkeia Network Backup to protect 12 physical servers running Linux and over 750 workstations running a combination of Windows and MacOS. BFA also protects 3 VMware hypervisors and plans to deploy more.

By implementing Arkeia Software’s specialized agents for Novell eDirectory and Microsoft SQL Server, BFA protects critical applications and databases without requiring application and database downtime. Arkeia Network Backup simplifies management of eDirectory and SQL Server data protection by providing a point-and-click GUI.

BFA uses weekly full backups and daily incremental backups to protect data. Backups are direct-to-tape using a single LTO4 drive. The Arkeia tape pool consists of 10 LTO4 tapes. BFA is currently transitioning from Radio Link Protocol (RLP) to dark fiber connection at the school sites. Once completed, BFA will be able to dispense with tape handling by replicating backup sets across sites.


Arkeia Network Backup provides easy-to-use, reliable, scalable support for multiple operating systems, which makes it ideal for backing up BFA’s heterogeneous network. “To tell the truth, our experience with Arkeia Software has been great.”