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Customer Success: BOGE

Key Results

  • Accelerated backups and restores
  • Disaster recovery
  • Simplified backup management
  • Increased backup reliability


Customer Success provided by:
bitboneArkeia Premier Partner


BOGE Reduces Backup Window with Arkeia Software


BOGE is one of the oldest German compressor manufactures. Established in 1907 by the Boge family, the company is still a family run business, now in its fourth generation. BOGE employs over 550 employees in over 80 countries worldwide. As an established market leader, BOGE continues to provide dependable compressed air solutions conceived, designed and delivered through a truly customer orientated business. Innovation, quality, competitive pricing, and reliability make BOGE products successful throughout the world.



In a company where innovation and quality are the key factors, it is important to have a reliable data protection solution and to be able to rapidly restore data in case of data loss. BOGE’s initial backup solution was Brightstore ArcServe. Due to performance issues, the company decided to change the entire server infrastructure, which ArcServe was unable to support. Additionally, ArcServe only offered a limited data throughput rate, and given the data volume of the company, backups were just too slow. Another critical component that ArcServe lacked was a solution for backing up Novell's eDirectory authentication server.


Jochen Pflesser, director of systems engineering at BOGE, started to search for a new backup solution. "The new solution had to provide reliable backups of our various Windows and Linux servers,” said Pflesser. “The protection of Novell eDirectory was the biggest challenge. Only few solutions offered a hot backup agent for this directory.”

While browsing the Internet, Pflesser found Arkeia Software and its large platform support matrix. "The portfolio offered backup agents for our Linux and Windows servers and even a hot backup agent for Novell eDirectory.” Arkeia distributes its solutions via a network of value added resellers and Pflesser’s online request was answered by the Arkeia Premier Partner, bitbone AG. After understating BOGE’s data protection criteria, bitbone AG provided a proposal to BOGE. The proposal included one Arkeia Network Backup Workgroup Pack for Linux servers and disaster recovery, over 20 agents to backup Linux and Windows servers, and the Novell eDirectory server, 1TB of disk storage, the support of one tape drive, the D2D2T option, a tape automation license and one year of Bronze Maintenance.


"I was very surprised at the attractive price for an offer that included such an extensive level of functionalities and services. “After that, we did not consider any other solution.”


Arkeia Network Backup was installed on a Suse Linux Enterprise Server. Via the disk-to-disk-to-tape functionality daily backups of 600 GB are first backed up on disk and then copied to tape via a Dell PowerVault tape library.



“The implementation went very well. “In fact, everything worked out so smoothly that I thought the implementation had not been performed, but it had.”


In addition to the significantly faster backup, Pflesser particularly likes the Arkeia web interface. "In the beginning it took me some time to get accustomed to the interface, it works much better and easier than the interface of our previous backup solution. The interface is very clear and works fast and stable in any browser.” Pflesser is delighted with the advice and services offered by bitbone AG and is impressed with the Arkeia products he has implemented. "bitbone AG offered extensive information on data protection solutions and Arkeia Software. “Regarding Arkeia, I especially appreciate the flexibility and the scope of platforms and products that can be protected with Arkeia solutions."