Arkeia Software

Customer Success: Caffé Cagliari

Major Benefits

  • Protection of virtual and physical servers
  • Reliability and ease-of-use
  • Outstanding technical support


Protection of both worlds: Caffé Cagliari backs up its virtual and physical servers with Arkeia

The company

In 1909, after many years spent in Brazil and a great number of awards for his highly-acclaimed coffee blends, Ambrogio Cagliari opened the first coffee roasting and tasting shop in Modena. For more than 100 years and across four generations, the Cagliari family has passed on their experience and secrets of coffee production, together with a profound respect for the art of coffeemaking.

The Challenge

Caffé Cagliari's IT infrastructure is distributed across two production sites. The production servers, as well as various applications, are located at the main site whereas the other is dedicated to the company’s disaster recovery environment. 

To benefit from the advantages of virtualization, the company has implemented a virtual infrastructure based on VMware vSphere. Caffé Cagliari uses both Linux and Windows guest OSs to deliver authentication, file, mail, and remote desktop services.  This virtual infrastructure complements a UNIX-based legacy physical environment.
The company's daily backup volume is approximately 350 GB composed of both file- and image-grain backups.
Before implementing Arkeia Network backup Caffé Cagliari performed backups using scripts on Unix and Linux servers and using NTBackup on Windows machines. The backed up data were stored on a tape drive local to the servers.

From their experience with scripts and other backup tools, when Caffé Cagliari considered implementing a packaged backup solution, it focused on three criteria: data security, reliability and ease of use. Moreover, the solution needed to protect both Unix-like machines and Microsoft servers. “Another objective was to separate the backup application from the production environment, both logically and physically” explains Dr. Capitani, the head of IT at Caffé Cagliari. At this point, the IT department of the company decided to implement a Disaster Recovery Strategy. Hence, the new solution had to feature this capability too.

The solution

After various tests comparing Arkeia Network Backup to Symantec Backup Exec, Caffé Cagliari selected Arkeia.

“We chose Arkeia Network Backup because it answered all our needs. Arkeia provides an easy-to-use web interface that makes administrative backup tasks a piece of cake.  These tasks include scheduling backup jobs, performing restore tasks, checking logs, or configuring target devices like tapes. Moreover, Arkeia protects both physical and virtual environments and supports a huge variety of platforms,” explains Dr. Capitani.

The IT department of Caffé Cagliari also agreed that Linux-based backup servers are considerably more secure, more reliable and less expensive than a Windows -based machine – even to protect Windows desktops and servers.

The benefits

"From a technical point of view, we have implemented a flexible and scalable backup solution allowing us to easily restore files as well as entire Virtual Machines in a few clicks”, explains Dr. Capitani.
The company has also succeeded in preserving and encrypting admin access logs as required by the current Italian privacy law.

“Our company is now well-protected against hardware failures, software crashes and natural disasters. This provides us with a great peace of mind”, concludes Dr. Capitani.

The best part of the Arkeia Network Backup solution?

“Caffè Cagliari has been using Arkeia network backup for several years now and we have experienced a great stability and reliability thanks to the maturity of the software and the availability and efficiency of Arkeia’s support team”, says Dr. Capitani.
The company also recognizes the great expertise of Arkeia partner Massarenti Franco SRL which has guided Caffé Cagliari’s deployment from the start. Massarenti has delivered solid advice and demonstrated deep experience in implementing and supporting backup solutions.