Arkeia Software

Customer Success: Center for Application of Information Technology

  • 2 Backup Servers
  • 100+ Linux, Unix, and Windows Server Agents
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • 1 Tape Library
Key Results
  • Increased flexibility
  • Disaster recovery
  • Accelerated backups and restores


The Center for Application of Information Technology Protects Citrix XenServers with Arkeia Software


Today’s Center for Application of Information Technology (CAIT) was founded more than 30 years ago, when a group of data processing managers from key St. Louis companies approached Washington University asking for help. They convinced the University to provide local training in COBOL, mainframe hardware, and other needed skill sets, so they could eliminate the cost of sending staffs to Chicago, New York, and other remote locations for training.

From this beginning as the region’s original and most respected IT training center, CAIT has extended its mission and activities over the years to become, in every other way, the true center for IT leaders in the region. CAIT staff has deep expertise in training design, web page design, and software development, including database application development. Customers include the State of Illinois, Chicago Metropolitan government, and McDonald’s.


CAIT operates data centers in McComb and Champagne, Illinois. They operate a heterogeneous environment of 200 Red Hat Linux, Mac, Windows, and Citrix XenServer platforms, along with MySQL databases and various web servers. CAIT needed a backup solution to protect not only their mixed physical environment, but their expanding virtual environment as well. For reasons of data security, data volumes, retention schedules, and cost, CAIT elected to use a tape library for off-site data storage.


CAIT selected Arkeia Network Backup to protect both their physical and virtual servers. Today, CAIT uses Arkeia Network Backup v8.2 having upgraded progressively from Arkeia Network Backup v5.3, first deployed in 2004.
Full backups are performed weekly and incremental backups are performed daily, both to disk. A 12TB NAS is used for backup staging. Backups are replicated to tape using either of two Dell tape libraries: one with LTO3 drives and another with 45 slots and LTO5 drives. LTO3 drives offer a native capacity of 400GB and a maximum speed of 80 MB/s. LTO5 drives offer a native capacity of 1.5TB and a maximum speed of 140MB/s.

“Arkeia is simply the best,” says Bill Jenkins, Systems and Network Administrator at CAIT. “I would recommend Arkeia Network Backup to anyone. The software works flawlessly in our environment and the support team is excellent.”
The Center for Application of Information Technology Protects Citrix Xen Servers with Arkeia Software

“We are delighted that Arkeia has maintained its sharp focus on data protection software, continuing to regularly improve and expand its offerings. Virtualization was not on our radar when we first acquired Arkeia products in 2004. Arkeia’s subsequent investment in support for VMware’s vSphere, Microsoft’s Hyper-V, Citrix’s XenServer, and opensource Xen matches our own evolution toward virtualized environments. As CAIT’s WAN bandwidth grows and our tape libraries age, we will look to Arkeia’s cloud solution to give us modern alternatives for off-site data storage.”