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A few of WD Arkeia's 7,000 clients tell their stories on this page. Tell us about your own success with Arkeia Software’s backup products. To have your story reported on this page, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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"In terms of support for diverse platforms, Arkeia Network Backup clearly demonstrates its strength. We have no problems protecting our heterogeneous environment and, if tomorrow we choose another platform, Arkeia will have a backup agent for that platform, as well."

"Restoring files is much faster and easier. Before Arkeia, we had to connect to the remote backup server and ask local staff to insert the right tape into the right drive. We were dependent on both the site’s end users and long-distance telephone calls."

"We have a heterogeneous network with Linux (SuSE) systems and all kinds of Windows Servers. The Arkeia backup server is on a Linux machine with access to a tape library with two drives. Backups are incremental on weekdays and full on weekends. Arkeia support is very convenient, especially because you usually work with the same person. I know that suggestions from customers are really taken into account!"

"I originally installed the Arkeia Backup Server on a server running Red Hat Linux and was pleasantly surprised to discover how easy it was to deploy. I’ve been impressed with its stability and ease of use. In fact, I’ve never really had any issues with the software."

Bar Informatik

Service Provider

"The MySQL plug-in actually works so well that we sometimes forget it's there. But each time we check it, everything works perfectly. It was surely a worthwhile add-on."

"Amanda proved to be very user-unfriendly. Arkeia Network Backup was the clear frontrunner in terms of technical features, performance, and technical support. To tell the truth, our experience with Arkeia Software has been great!"

"Everything worked out so smoothly that I thought the implentation had not been processed at all. But it had, and I was really surprised about how easy it was with Arkeia. Besides the speed of the backups, what I really like about Arkeia is the web interface."

“Our company is now well-protected against hardware failures, software crashes and natural disasters. This provides us with a great peace of mind."

"We are delighted that Arkeia has maintained its sharp focus on data protection software, continuing to regularly improve and expand its offerings. Arkeia’s support for vSphere, Hyper-V, and Xen matches our own evolution toward virtualized environments."

"WD Arkeia's flawless compatibility with Linux heavily influenced our choice of backup solution. Its wide spectrum of agents, including Windows, Mac OS X, and a host of databases, is another unparalleled benefit. Similar tools on the market would have been much more expensive."

"Image-level backups of virtual machines are crucial for being able to rapidly restore VMs in case of an incident and without having to reconfigure the operating system. The demonstration we got for Arkeia's support of virtual machine backups was outstanding."

“We have been using Arkeia since 2009 and are completely convinced by the total reliability of the product. From time to time we have to restore data from our centralized backup server. Hence, our service provider the company TAIX, remotely restores the files and/or user catalogue. Compared to backup to tape strategies, this solution offers a great ease fo use and an uncomparable speed of restoration.”

"Arkeia Network Backup was the only product that perfectly suited our very heterogeneous test network. The solution is technically appealing and the support services from the Arkeia Software team are outstanding."

"Thinking of the time and energy we have invested and wasted on zmanda, Arkeia Network Backup works considerably better and comes with so much technical advantages that it provides a much better price-performance ratio."

"With Arkeia's multiflow technology, we were able to see improvements in speed across the board, saving me time and allowing us to backup more data in less time than before. And, the technical support team has been great."

"We have been using Arkeia Network Backup for more than 10 years now, starting with version 4 on RedHat. At the time, we were looking for a reliable and affordable solution to backup our Oracle databases on AIX servers. Now, we have started to virtualize our environment and the of vStorage agent is extremely important to us. The vStorage agent enables us to strongly secure our virtualized environment."

"We are very happy with Arkeia Network Backup as our data protection solution. The main aspect I like about Arkeia is the good multi-platform support. Additionally - though the user interface is very intuitive - there is a command line version which I really like. Another good thing is that the people at Arkeia always seem very friendly and forthcoming to their customers requests."

“We were looking for a professional, cross-platform tool that would allow us to perform a fast, one-time 6 TB backup, which meant integrated deduplication. What’s more, with only one physical site for our company, we needed a solution that could replicate our data to a remote storage server in order to reduce the risks of natural disasters, fire, theft, etc. WD Arkeia’s remote replication function was an absolute necessity!"

"Arkeia allows us to monitor and manage all aspects of our backup strategy: start backups on time, interrupt the backup process at scheduled hours to update and index our databases to finally start the process again for a total backup."

"Previously, we couldn't do daily backups of certain applications, such as messaging; a full backup took about fifteen hours. The use of source-side deduplication has reduced our backup windows by more than 60%. In addition to protecting our data, WD Arkeia provides us with enough space to store our backup history, whereas before older data was overwritten by more recent data."

"To comply with new federal laws mandating secure backup, we began working on a plan to upgrade our existing systems and processes and to institute a consolidated, cohesive solution. We wanted a solution that was cross-platform, reliable, easy to use and, of course, affordable."

"Every restore job went fast and without a glitch." Arkeia Network Backup was also the only product to run seamlessly on their Linux-based custom NAS/SAN solution. Human error is part of day to day operations; relies on Arkeia for speedy restores."

“One key aspect of Arkeia Network Backup is that it's very simple to manage with an easy-to-use web based interface. If we need to install Arkeia on a new machine, it's up and running in minutes. There is no hassle.”

"We have found the periodic backups to be fast and reliable. Once the system is configured we don't have to touch it; The system emails us the status of the backup! The client/server architecture allows us to administer our remote backups with ease."

"Ontec Software Solutions GmbH has used Arkeia Network Backup for more than three years and it has become an important part of our infrastructure. Its scalability and reliability match our high expectations. Arkeia is perfect for our Windows Servers and servers with various Linux distributions, as well as different versions of Oracle databases."

"The flexibility of Arkeia Network Backup software allows Network Admins to structure automatic backups on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Also, Arkeia is easily expandable when the time comes to upgrade storage capacity."

"We save a lot of time when it comes to backup administration. This is a significant improvement and represents cost savings for our customers. The installation of a backup agent takes only 15 minutes as you simply configure a given machine and point it at the shared backup server."

"I was looking for a backup system that could offer me the possibility of backing up Unix, Linux and Windows servers on a single system. Arkeia has all of the capabilities I need. Since installing the product, it runs without any need of additional service."

"The nature of our business requires backing up sensitive CAD data of an ever increasing volume and storing that data for long periods of time. Arkeia provides the flexible, reliable solution we were looking for. We particularly appreciate Arkeia Technical Support taking their mission seriously. They are able to identify any issues quickly, thanks to the extensive internal logging features of Arkeia.

"We previously tested several backup solutions, but none were able to do everything we needed. Arkeia was a pleasant surprise that allowed us to restore files from an old tape without the backup server. My absolute favorite is Arkeia Disaster Recovery. It is very easy to use, fast and, simply stated, it works. We are able to rebuild a server without any information from the machine itself."

“The value of the Arkeia Backup Appliance has been incredible." “We evaluated solutions from Avamar and DataDomain, as well as a solution based on Backup Exec. They were more complex and much more expensive. We made the right choice.”

"As our companies merged we combined our two IT environments, expanded the business from 100 seats to over 1,000. Tradition runs about 200 HP servers at its City of London offices with NetApp filers on a SAN. After the companies' merger, we replaced the deployment of Symantec NetBackup used by the other firm and standardized the backups of both companies on Arkeia Network Backup."

"Our requirements were simple. We needed to (1) Find a reliable backup on a standard market configuration without using Linux shell commands (2) Manage a library of eight tape cartridges without having to type a series of commands (3) Launch backups periodically (4) Backup a MySQL database (5) Backup an unlimited number of servers. Arkeia had the right solution!"

"Arkeia's deep support for VMware makes backups and restores both fast and painless. I particularly enjoy our ability to remotely manage servers and agents, either through Arkeia’s web interface or its command-line interface."

“Arkeia has proven to be robust, reliable, and flexible, so the choice to use Arkeia’s vStorage agent to protect our virtual environment was an easy one. Arkeia provides the tools to protect huge volumes of data–all across a complex network that includes virtual and physical servers.”

"Using VMware’s vStorage APIs for data protection, Arkeia’s solution supports advanced capabilities like Changed Block Tracking, file-grain restores, ‘thin-full’ backups, and ‘hot-add’ storage. The software was easy to installand to get up-and-running.”

"The MySQL plug-in itself works seamlessly with Arkeia and differs in no way from backing up a file system. It's great to have all the data backed up on the same system. And if there is ever a problem, the support team has fast response times."

"We have immediately realized that version 9 offered tremendous benefits and it has indeed allowed us to divide the volume of data to be backed up by 4. With Arkeia's progressive deduplication daily backups are executed in seconds rather than hours."

"With Arkeia's real-time deduplication included in version 9 we are able to offer new efficient and profitable services to our customers. Thanks to the amazing compression multipliers our backup sets are considerably smaller accelerating data transfers between Strasbourg and Frankfurt.

"Arkeia provides a nice flexible system that allows us to quickly add new clients to backups, easily restore data when we need it, from where we need it, and in time. Its central server model also provides a secure and easy-to-manage solution."

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