Arkeia Software

Customer Success:

  • Arkeia Network Backup
  • 50 Windows and Linux Servers
  • Dell Powervault LTO2 Tape Library
Key Results
  • Increased capacity while reducing backup window
  • Provides flexibility for changing infrastructure
  • Reliable data protection for all remote locations

How ISP Used Arkeia to Double Capacity and Reduce their Backup Window by 75%

Background, Inc. is a nationwide provider of broadband communications services to businesses. The company combines its own facilities, nationwide network infrastructure and Internet Service Provider (ISP) capabilities to provide high-speed Internet access, private network solutions, and value-added services directly to small-and-medium-sized businesses or larger enterprises looking to connect multiple locations. product offerings include T-1, DS-3, and business-class DSL services, virtual private networks (VPNs), frame relay, Web hosting, DNS management, enhanced e-mail, online data backup and recovery services, firewalls, and nationwide dial-up services, as well as integrated voice and data offerings in select markets.


What happens when you are tasked with planning and implementing a backup and recovery plan for a multi-platform environment from scratch? This is the daunting challenge Nicholas Brenckle faced as facilities manager of is a nationwide broadband communications provider that offers high-speed connections to small and medium businesses in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities. Product offerings include T-1, DS-3 and business-class DSL, virtual private networks (VPNs), frame relay, Web hosting, DNS management, enhanced e-mail, online data backup and recovery services, firewalls and nationwide dial-up services. Integrated voice and data services are offered in the New York City and Washington, D.C., metro regions.

The company has main offices in Herndon, VA, and New Haven, CT, plus network core sites in four locations: New York, Washington, D.C., Chicago and San Jose. The main offices include 30 to 50 servers running Windows, Solaris and Linux operating systems backed by Dell PowerVault 152 with LTO2 tape drives.

The Arkeia Software Application is used internally to back up the core data center in Herndon as well as various corporate office servers in New Haven and New York City.


“It was our goal from the beginning to find leading-edge secure backup services as fast as possible,” Brenckle noted. “In addition, in order to comply with proposed new federal laws mandating secure backup solutions, we began working in earnest on a plan to upgrade our existing back-up systems and processes and to institute a consolidated, cohesive solution. We wanted a solution that was cross-platform, reliable, easy to use and, of course, affordable.”

As it happened, Brenckle attended a LinuxWorld Expo where he visited the Arkeia Software booth. After a series of conversations over time, Brenckle decided that Arkeia was the right backup solution for his company, so he called Joe Basanta at Systems Solutions to help implement the plan.

Basanta, Chief of Technology Consulting at Systems Solutions, had the imposing task of developing an overall backup plan for amid constantly changing system and budget requirements. Did the company need to back up all files? Some files? Consolidate them? “The scenarios kept changing,” Basanta explained. “We also had a few stalled projects, such as running Oracle on Linux. We had to quote plans with and without agents and deal with changing requirements in order to create a cohesive solution for Our Arkeia solution easily adapted to each change.”