Arkeia Software

Customer Success: Ardèche Regional Government

  • Arkeia Network Backup
  • Lotus Application Servers
  • Red Hat Server
  • Netware and Windows Servers
  • StorageTek L20 LTO Library
  • Unlimited Multiflow
  • Disk to Disk to Tape
Key Results
  • Centralized management and increased security of multiple sites (12) and servers (60)
  • Simplified backups across heterogeneous platforms (AIX, Linux, Windows)
  • Standardized backup solution for remote locations saving administration time and money

Ardèche Government Chooses Arkeia to Centralize Backups of 100 Sites


The Ardèche General Council has developed strong policies to facilitate, promote, invest in and support economic actors, to encourage the creation or retention of jobs.

The council is determined to sustain employment and quality of life throughout Ardèche. The department enjoys diverse economic activity, and is ideally located next to the French departments of Gard, Drôme, Vaucluse, Loire, Haute-Loire, Lozère, and Isère.

Ardèche Development is the economic development department of the Council, which is responsible for enhancing the strongest sectors of Ardèche — Agriculture, Food and Tourism. The main objectives of the organization are stimulating business development, supporting the innovation and structuring of strategic sectors, facilitating socio-professional integration, and offering project support.


Ardèche had an extensive network of government facilities when the regional government decided to modernize its backup infrastructure. Before installing Arkeia Network Backup in November 2002, sites in Ardèche were each equipped with a server with a DAT tape drive. Backups were made locally by non-IT specialists.

This solution posed obvious problems for IT/Telecom management form the perspectives of monitoring and security. Management realized that data security for the various offices of the region required a centralized backup system at the IT processing center at the regional headquarters.

A second critical element was the Ardèche General Council's extremely heterogeneous IT environment, made up of multiple platforms using different operating systems, including Novell, Linux, and Windows. It was imperative that a single solution be capable of managing all these platforms.


“Only Arkeia was able to meet our requirements,” explained Alain Valéry, Director of Information Technology and Telecoms. “Arkeia was better positioned than the alternatives, both financially and in terms of operating under Linux. Linagora, the open systems integrator, recommended an Arkeia solution to us in 2002. Our initial deployment used Arkeia Network Backup to protect 5 machines. At the beginning of 2004, we expanded this deployment to cover 17 Novell and Windows servers, 15 Linux servers, and hot backup plug-ins for 8 Lotus servers.”

Today, Arkeia protects 12 sites with 60 servers in total (running on Linux, AIX, and Windows). The Ardèche General Council counts 1700 backup agents, 1200 workstations.

Arkeia solutions allow us to back up application servers including hot backups of Lotus servers running on Linux. These represent a total of 25 servers, with a total volume of 80 GB for file storage and 15 GB for Lotus data. Incremental backups, which are much smaller, usually last part of one night. Arkeia also manages our StorageTek tape library."


The Arkeia solution brought multiple benefits to the Ardèche General Council. First, the information technology group succeeded in delivering a centralized backup infrastructure. Second, the job in remote offices was simplified because local staff no longer had to manage tapes.

"The centralization of the backup solution permitted us to better supervise the data protection process and to address any problem without having to travel to each site—typically a 3-hour round trip,” added Valéry. "Another advantage is that restoring files is much faster and easier. Before Arkeia, we had to connect to the remote backup server and ask local staff to insert the right tape into the right drive. We were dependent on both the site’s end users and long-distance telephone calls. Now, restoring an important message from Lotus takes us only half an hour."