Arkeia Software

Customer Success: MICROJURIS.COM

  • Arkeia Network Backup
  • 30 Linux & Windows Server Agents
  • 2 MicrosoftSQL Agents
  • 1 MySQL Agent
  • 1 Disk-to-Disk-to-Tape License
  • 2 LTO-4 Tape Libraries
Key Results
  • Seamless restores resulting in zero data loss
  • Single solution across a heterogeneous environment
  • User controlled restores via the WebUI

MICROJURIS Selects Arkeia Network Backup over EMC Networker and Symantec NetBackup for Fast, Reliable Data Protection

Background is one of the top fully-digital Legal Publishing and Research firms in Latin America. With roughly 200 employees and offices in San Juan, Buenos Aires, Santiago and Caracas, offers integrated value-added legal research tools and social network/mobile premium experience to thousands of paid subscription customers throughout the US and Latin America. intelligently integrates huge amounts of digital legal documents and a top-of-the-industry search engine with mass and professional social networks to strengthen customer loyalty and foster high-value content creation.


As a fast growing company providing large volumes of specialized legal content online,’s most important asset is data. With offices in Chile, Argentina, Venezuela, and Puerto Rico each using its own backup solutions developed in-house, faced daily data loss, slow backups, and unreliable restores. They needed to centralize management of all remote locations and reduce any instances of data loss immediately. also required a single backup solution that could manage both their Linux (SLES 10, SLES 11, RedHat variants) and Windows (Windows NT, 2000, 2003) environments.


After evaluating EMC NetWorker, Symantec NetBackup, and Arkeia Network Backup, selected Arkeia as the best solution. “Arkeia was the most robust, compatible, and flexible software we tested and it was the only one to include bare-metal restore on our most important servers,” explains Miguel Quintana, Datacenter Administrator at deploys 200 computers across 4 office locations that are now centrally managed from one location. deployed Arkeia Network Backup v8.2 with 30 Linux and Windows file agents, two Microsoft SQL Server agents, and one MySQL agent. They perform backups to disk with Arkeia’s multi-flow technology and then replicate backup sets to two LTO-4 tape libraries. selected Arkeia’s Silver-level technical support.


Arkeia Network Backup was able to provide a single solution for their heterogeneous environment. cites Arkeia’s easy-to-use web based interface as a key component to their remote data-management strategy. “Each IT center has control over their data using the Arkeia web-based interface and at the same time headquarters can still ensure a unified data protection solution,” said Quintana.

“Every restore job went fast and without a glitch.” Arkeia Network Backup was also the only product to run seamlessly on their Linux-based custom NAS/SAN solution. Quintana explains, “Human error is part of day to day operations; relies on Arkeia for speedy restores.” Since deploying Arkeia Network Backup, has not faced any data loss.