Arkeia Software

Customer Success: National Research Council

  • Arkeia Network Backup
  • 100+ Linux & Windows Server Agents
  • 12 Unix Agents
  • 4 MySQL Agents
  • 3 vStorage Agents
  • 1 NDMP Agent
  • 2 Tape Libraries with 2 Drives Each
Key Results
  • Simplified backup management
  • Increased backup reliability
  • Reduced administrative overhead


National Research Council Canada Standardizes on Arkeia Network Backup Replacing CA ArcServe and Symantec Backup Exec for Simplified Backup Management


The National Research Council Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory (NRC–DRAO), founded in 1960, is Canada’s premier planetary research facility. Located in Penticton, British Columbia, it is home to a national astronomical data center, which includes multiple testing laboratories and equipment. Technology development projects at NRC–DRAO focus on designing and building instrumentation for new telescopes, and developing new technologies for future telescopes.

Current projects include constructing the correlator for the Expanded Very Large Array (EVLA) in New Mexico, and research into phased-array feeds and composite antennas for future telescopes such as the Square-Kilometer Array (SKA) and its pathfinder projects.


NRC–DRAO employed three backup solutions: Arkeia Software for Linux machines, CA ArcServe for AIX, and Symantec Backup Exec for Windows. To simplify backup management, NRC-DRAO needed a single backup solution that would allow the organization to backup their heterogeneous environment. They also needed to be able to centralize backup management, without the need for specialized hardware (e.g. a Windows computer to run the user interface). Finally, backup and recovery needed to be fast and reliable.


To safeguard its large volumes of scientific and operational data, NRC–DRAO selected Arkeia Software as the sole data protection provider. NRC–DRAO is currently using Arkeia Network Backup to protect AIX, Linux, Windows, and virtual machines. They have also adopted Arkeia’s specialized backup agents for My SQL, NDMP, and VMware vSphere, via vStorage. Peter Cimbaro, Network Administrator at NRC- DRAO describes Arkeia, chosen for its flexibility and ease-of-use, as a “one-stop solution” for all NRC-DRAO’s data protection needs.

Today, NRC–DRAO uses two Overland tape libraries, the larger with two LTO-3 tape drives and30 tape slots. Full backups are performed weekly and incremental backups are performed nightly. Most backups are direct-to-tape, but NRC–DRAO also does some backups to-disk. Data recovery is periodic, but infrequent. Files are restored once every two months.

Using Arkeia Network Backup, NRC-DRAO has been able to simplify backup management by consolidating backups using a single solution. The result is increased backup reliability and staff productivity, with a reduction in system complexity.

“One key aspect of Arkeia is that it’s very simple to manage with an easy-to-use web based interface,” explains Cimbaro. “If we need to install Arkeia on a new machine, it’s up and running in minutes. There is no hassle.”