Arkeia Software

Customer Success: Netregistry

  • 350+ Unix, Linux, and Windows Clients
  • 50TB DiskStorage
  • Progressive Deduplication™
  • Replication & Remote Storage
  • Tape Automation
  • Multiple SQL Agents
Key Results
  • Expandable solution to grow with business needs
  • Superb stability and reliability
  • Ability to create a highly profitable business model


Netregistry, Australia’s Largest Registrar, Grows Business with Arkeia Software


A start-up in 1997, Netregistry now registers more domains than any other provider and is one of the most trusted web hosts for small businesses throughout Australia, helping hundreds of thousands of businesses nationwide. Netregistry is committed to providing the resources and infrastructure for tomorrow’s online entrepreneurs. Netregistry remains a privately owned Australian company, with over 100 full-time staff and is located in Sydney with local data centres as well as local customer service.


Before implementing Arkeia in 1999, Netregistry backed up data through a combination of scripts and opensource applications. When they decided to migrate to a tape storage solution, Netregistry looked for a flexible solution with extensive support of tape libraries.

As the company’s hosting infrastructure grew, Netregistry needed a data protection solution to evolve with them while employing several backup strategies including backup-to-tape, backup-to-disk, and, now, backup-to-cloud.


Netregistry selected Arkeia as their first choice in data protection, and Arkeia now protects over 800 servers, including Hyper-V, Linux, Mac, Unix, VMware, Windows, and Xen platforms. Netregistry is using Arkeia Network Backup v9.0, with Progressive Deduplication™ and is now testing Arkeia’s VMware vStorage Agent for use in their growing virtual environment.

Netregistry cites Arkeia’s easy-to-use web based interface and speed as key components to cost-effectively managing hundreds of machines within a company that is adding new customers and more data daily. “Arkeia’s ease-of-use is very important ; when we’re working late at night on customer issues, it gives us the confidence to go in there and do what needs to be done,” said Cassar. “We don’t worry about unpredictable side-effects or un-intended consequences.”

Netregistry’s state-of-the-art hosting infrastructure delivers disaster recovery and backup management solutions without the complexity and delay imposed by tape technology. With two large datacenters in the Sydney area, Netregistry replicates data daily from each datacenter to the other over a wide area network (WAN). Data recovery is never slowed due to tape transport by truck.


Arkeia Software has enabled Netregistry to grow its business at a rapid pace by providing fast and flexible backup and disaster recovery solutions to tape, disk and cloud. “Since we selected Arkeia, we have expanded our backup set volume from 1TB to 50TB and we plan to grow even more,” said Adam Cassar, CTO at Netregistry. “Arkeia Network Backup’s reliability is superb. We depend on Arkeia to keep our customer’s data safe. Nothing could be more important.”

“Arkeia is committed to providing our MSP customers with the mechanisms to create a profitable hosting model by ensuring reliable and flexible data protection,” explained Bill Evans, CEO Arkeia Software. “Arkeia Network Backup is ideal for hosting companies because our backup servers, designed expressly for Linux, are faster than alternative solutions costing five-times as much. We allow our customers to simplify data protection because Arkeia protects all the major virtual environments and over 200 types of physical platforms. Data can be efficiently protected offsite either by backup-to-tape or by replication to cloud storage.”