Arkeia Software

Customer Success: University of Oxford

  • Arkeia Network Backup
  • Linux and Windows Clients
  • Qualstar EXB Tape Library
Key Results
  • Protects huge file systems of critical research data
  • Restructured the backup process for efficiency
  • Provides a scalable solution for impending storage growth

oxford university

Arkeia Network Backup Safeguards Vital Medical Data at the Oxford University Center for Cognitive Neuroscience


The Center for Nueroscience at Oxford University is an interdisciplinary research facility supporting and promoting interaction between research groups in aspects of basic and clinical neuroscience across a large number of university departments in Oxford and elsewhere. Thus, there are complicated storage and access issues for system administrators who want this information readily available to researchers who could be on the verge of a medical breakthrough.


The protection of such critical data is the task of the Center's computer professional Steven Young. Working with John Greenwood, Data Storage specialist with the NCE Computer Group, it was Steven's decision to choose Arkeia Network Backup software for the Centre’s two fileservers.

The Center utilizes Qualstar TLS 4222 AIT-3 tape libraries storing 1 TB and 700 MB of data. “We needed a backup solution to cope with larger file systems that were being deployed to enable researchers to conduct analysis on large data sets e.g. fMRI brain scan images,” said Young.


“We chose Arkeia as the tool to simply and efficiently manage our Qualstar tape library. It has lived up to our expectations."

Arkeia Network Backup software is utilized to protect information in highly complex disciplines that embrace research on experimental, theoretical, and clinical studies of perceptual analysis, memory, language, and motor control, including philosophical approaches to cognition. The flexibility of Arkeia Network Backup software allows Young to structure automatic backups on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. In addition, because the volume of data is continuously growing, Arkeia is easily expandable when the time comes “to upgrade our tape library to increase storage capacity.”