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Customer Success: RTL Group

  • Arkeia Network Backup
  • Unix and Linux Servers
  • ADIC LTO Tape Library
Key Results
  • Protects Linux and Windows Servers affordably
  • Secured all critical application files
  • Easily configured

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RTL newMedia Trusts Arkeia to Safeguard Its Data


RTL newMedia Luxemburg is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the RTL Group, provider of television, radio, and new media. RTL dominates the Luxembourg market, with a daily market share of 72%. RTL’s web site,, with 200,000 visitors and 5.5 million page views each month, also leads the Luxembourg Internet market. RTL manages the servers, marketing, and content, including development, maintenance and programming of web content, Teletext, RadioWebTV service, SMS/MMS offerings, Flash content, streaming content, sports databases, programming and hosting of external clients, and a mobile portal for GSM/UMTS devices.


Delivery of television, radio, or Internet content is impossible without effective technology. To backup its massive data volumes, RTL NewMedia relies on Arkeia Software’s Linux-based backup systems. Their goal was to acquire a solution that is easy to use, quick to install, and requires little maintenance.

Tom Weber, Director of RTL newMedia Luxemburg, carefully enumerated his organization’s priorities. "Both Linux and Windows systems must be protected," said Weber. Equally important is the simplicity of installation of backup agents and the integrated support for tape libraries. Because the group’s Linux servers use a dedicated Fibre Channel SAN to manage storage, Weber chose to deploy Arkeia’s backup servers on Linux. Other computers are connected through a Gigabit Ethernet network. As a result, "the backup process imposes a maximum load of 4 to 5 Mbps on the Ethernet network," explained Weber.

"We needed a backup solution that requires minimal maintenance and installs rapidly", explained Weber. We also needed backup that can be managed through a firewall. Arkeia satisfied all these requirements. For Red Hat operating systems, Arkeia delivers software via Redhat Package Manager (RPM). RPM requires no compilation and allows un-attended installation on remote computers.


“No backup software company provides better support for Linux than Arkeia," continued Tom Weber. RTL newMedia Luxemburg has depended on Arkeia since Arkeia Network Backup v4. Arkeia is the only backup software used by RTL newMedia and manages 20 servers running Red Hat Linux distributions. Most of the hardware is provided by Dell. The central SAN-attached storage is provided by EMC. For its video and audio files, the company uses Fibre Channel and SCSI RAID storage solutions from Infortrend. In addition to these Linux servers, Windows clients are also protect by the Arkeia Backup Server running on its own Linux machine.

The Arkeia solution protects the group’s primary web site,, as well as the databases that underpin the group’s applications for SMS, for television programming, for teletext, and for the management of human resources. File servers dedicated to storage of documents, video, and audio are also protected by Arkeia software.

To what extent is Weber satisfied with its backup solution? "The requirements have been met," beamed Weber. The software was installed once and has worked since without incident. Configuration of the backup server was quick, and the myriad of agents were deployed on the network in only three to four days. Weber selected a two-drive tape library as the backup target.


This system also allows pre-configuration of all backup tasks. Restores can be performed with or without redirection. The solution recycles tapes automatically and allows tape copies to protect against tape failure. “Arkeia also allows us to manage bandwidth carefully. Indeed, in the field of television, video recording produces colossal files. Now, our tape library lets us easily backup these files to tape easily without manual intervention.” For Weber, the final verdict is positive: "when we need to restore, we just do it."