Arkeia Software

Customer Success: University of Utah

  • 1 Backup Server
  • 1,000+ Linux and Windows Server Agents
  • 12 vStorage Agents
  • 1 Tape Library
Key Results
  • Unified backup management
  • Improved backup reliability
  • Increased flexibility

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Arkeia Software Protects Hundreds of Virtual and Physical Servers at the University of Utah’s Center for High Performance Computing


The University of Utah is well known for its excellence in advanced scientific research. The school, located in Salt Lake City, Utah, supports research in a wide variety of areas, including medicine, genetics, and engineering, and is ranked among the top 35 public research universities in the nation. Several research projects initiated at the University of Utah have since evolved into successful commercial companies, such as Myriad Genetics, Watson Labs, and Evans & Sutherland.

To support the computing needs of the school’s wide range of research efforts, the university created the Center for High Performance Computing (CHPC) in 1996 to offer high-performance computing services to departments university-wide. “We support a huge variety of computationally based research projects, including gene sequencing, medical imaging, fluid flow dynamics, computational chemistry, mathematics, fire simulations, geophysics, and meteorological simulations,” says Guy Adams, assistant director of systems at the CHPC. “By consolidating resources into the Center for High Performance Computing, we are able to offer the kind of high-performance computing services that many individual departments would be unable to afford.”


Since 2001, CHPC has depended on Arkeia Network Backup software to protect over 1,000 physical machines. Subsequently, like many other organizations, CHPC began incorporating server virtualization into its information technology infrastructure. CHPC needed a solution to protect not only their physical servers, but their growing virtual environment as well. Today, CHPC runs approximately 110 virtual machines across twelve VMware ESX servers, managed through VMware’s vCenter.

CHPC required a solution that provided block-grain incremental image backups, and file- and folder-grain restores from image backups of both Windows and Linux guest operating systems. They noted that many popular solutions can’t support restores from both Windows and Linux. Finally, CHPC wanted to leverage their large tape library infrastructure to permit off-site storage and long-term, low-cost retention of backups.


“Arkeia has proven to be robust, reliable, and flexible, so the choice to use Arkeia’s vStorage agent to protect our virtual environment was an easy one,” says Adams. “Arkeia Network Backup provides the tools for CHPC to protect huge volumes of data–all across a complex network that includes virtual and physical Linux, Mac, and Windows Servers. Arkeia’s deep support for VMware’s vStorage APIs for Data Protection (VADP) gives CHPC all the management control that a dedicated, specialized solution could provide—without the complexity of managing another software product.”

CHPC uses a single Arkeia Backup Server to protect over 1,000 physical machines and the Arkeia vStorage agent to protect approximately 110 virtual machines running on twelve VMware ESX servers. Currently, Arkeia’s vStorage agent is installed on the same IBM server as the Arkeia Backup Server—making the VMware protection “agentless”.

CHPC continues to use an IBM 3584-L32 tape library with 1 expansion frame (D32). The library uses LTO technology and has 10 tape drives with 675 slots. Combining this hardware with Arkeia Network Backup software provides CHCP with a fast, easy-to-use, and affordable backup solution for backup and off-site storage of both virtual and physical environments.