Arkeia Software

Customer Success: Verkkokauppa

  • Arkeia Network Backup
  • MySQL Plug-In
  • P4 system using a DAT DDS-4 drive and tapes
  • 8 Servers
  • 15TB DiskStorage
Key Results
  • Increased productivity
  • Gained knowledgable technical support
  • MySQL support


Scandinavia's #1 IT Reseller Selects Arkeia Software to Safeguard Transactional Data

Background, the largest IT reseller in Finland, relies on Arkeia Network Backup software to back up business data and internet transactions. Recently, the company moved to a new location and opened the largest electronics store in all of Scandinavia. About 85 percent of product sales are Web-based.


“We have an average of 40-45,000 visits to our Web pages each day, with a top of 75,000,”says Henrik Westrom, system administrator at Due to the high volume of daily traffic, Westrom needed to protect huge volumes of database data that record these visits.


“I became interested in the MySQL backup agent when I saw it on the Arkeia Web site. Previously, I had backed up the database by dumping it, which resulted in downtime while all the tables were locked.” The Arkeia Backup Agent for MySQL permits hot-backups of MySQL databases.

In conjunction with the support team, the Arkeia MySQL agent was modified to include Westrom’s requirements. “I needed the agent to create a single point-in-time for the backup and wanted more consistent data. The tech guys took this very seriously. Soon a new version of the agent was released that had these features. It was truly great to have some influence on the agent, to add some specific features.'

'The MySQL agent itself works seamlessly with Arkeia and differs in no way from backing up a file system. It’s great to have all the data backed up on the same system. And if there is ever a problem, the support team has fast response times.”