Arkeia Software

Customer Success: Zen Internet

  • Arkeia Network Backup
  • Debian Linux and Windows Systems
  • Spectra Logic Tape Library
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Unlimited Clients
Key Results
  • Simplified operations for multi-site network
  • Fullproof protection against failure/disaster
  • Scalable environment

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Award-winning Internet Service Provider Protects both Corporate and Customer Data with Arkeia Software


Zen Internet, an independent Internet Service Provider (ISP), has been delivering services to business and residential users in the UK since 1995. Zen's mission is to provide the best ISP service in the UK and is committed to investing in the latest technologies and providing high levels of service, support and reliability.

Zen's technical infrastructure reflects the company's investment in a fully resilient 10Gbps UK core network. Zen has a secure transatlantic link to New York and Points of Presence in Leeds, Manchester, London and Rochdale, further increasing the geographical diversity of this network. This means customers are assured of a reliable and resilient service as well as consistent speeds. It also enables future expansion and new product development.


With distributed operations and a heterogeneous infrastructure, Zen required a backup solution that provided speedy recoveries, centralized management, and ease-of-use all at manageable costs.


“Arkeia provides a nice flexible system that allows us to quickly add new clients to backups, easily restore data when we need it, from where we need it, and in time. Its central management server also provides a secure and easy to manage solution,” says Graeme Hinchliffe, Core Internet Systems Designer. “We currently operate a multi-site network that is built with Juniper routers and Foundry switches. Each site hosts servers that provide our customer facing and internal services on Intel hardware.”

“We use Arkeia on three separate servers, allowing us to partition our network into three different backup zones for additional security. Zen backup servers are Intel 2U systems, with dual Xeon 2.6 GHz CPUs and 2GB of RAM. Each has its own SCSI RAID to provide maximum resiliency and throughput. Backup servers share a Spectra Logic Spectra® 20K that is itself partitioned to be visible as 3 separate units to the servers.”

“The Library has a maximum capacity of two hundred 8mm tapes and eight drives. We are currently using five AIT-3 drives for a backup that is approaching 1TB of data per night. Backup needs are expanding as our customer base and server count grows.”


“Using Arkeia Network Backup, we are able to protect each of our systems against failure/disaster. All our Linux systems are protected by Arkeia Disaster Recovery, so that if we ever lose a site, we can rebuild from the last Arkeia backup and quickly have servers running again for our customers.”

“Arkeia Network Backup also protects our customer data. The Arkeia Network Backup suite of products allows our customers to request data to be restored to their storage in case of accident or error. With the constant increase in data storage, we are looking to increase our disk storage to allow us to backup some huge volumes of data.”