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January 2013

January 22, 2013
Western Digital Acquired Arkeia Software, Plans SMB Data Protection Push
"The acquisition helps Western Digital address several data protection trends now impacting the SMB market."

January 22, 2013
Western Digital Buys Network Backup Software and Device Maker Arkeia
"Western Digital Continues to be one of the two greatest suppliers of HDDs, but it needs to keep improving and expanding if it is to stay in the game, which is precisely what it has just done."

January 22, 2013
Western Digital Buys Arkeia Software; No Terms Announced
"Western Digital this morning said it has acquired Arkeia Software, a Carlsbad, California-based provider of backup software and appliances. Terms were not disclosed."

January 22, 2013
Western Digital buys Arkeia for SMB network backup, appliances
"Western Digital today said it has acquired backup software vendor Arkeia with the aim of entering the SMB backup and integrated appliance market. Arkeia will become part of Western Digital's branded products division, which includes its Sentinel DX4000."

January 22, 2013
Western Digital acquires Arkeia to boost SMB storage offering
"Western Digital has acquired data protection company Arkeia Software as it looks to address growing storage demands among small and medium-size companies."

January 22, 2013
WD wolfs down Arkeia, gets bellyful of SMB storage
"Arkeia's technological edge is its acquired Kadena deduplication software, used in its Network Backup product, which features a sliding window process and is, Arkeia says, great for backing up data to the cloud."

January 22, 2013
Western Digital Expands Storage Portfolio with Arkeia Software Buy
"The company’s Progressive Deduplication technology speeds hybrid-cloud backup by reducing the bandwidth necessary to replicate backup sets over wide area networks."

January 22, 2013
Western Digital acquires Arkeia
"Arkeia Network Backup protects virtual as well as physical environments. In addition, Arkeia has a number of physical backup appliances that will be added to Western Digital’s product lines."

September 2012

September 18, 2012
Survey Reveals Shift toward Virtual Appliances
"An obvious shift in interest and acceptance of virtual backup was revealed, as 80 percent reported they are considering deployment of a backup server as a virtual appliance."

August 2012

August 28, 2012
Cloud Feeding” Handles Large Incremental Backup Problem for Cloud Users
"Cloud feeding allows companies to handle the occasional very large backup without disrupting their regular incremental backup process. Together with their deduplication, Arkeia is resolving the ‘reality’ issues facing cloud backup users."

August 1, 2012
Arkeia expands range of supported platforms
"These ten platforms represent a fraction of the over 200 platforms protected by Arkeia which include Windows, Mac, Linux, Netware, Solaris, AIX, BSD, and HP-UX operating systems and derivatives, as well as VMware, Hyper-V, and Xen."

July 2012

July 12, 2012
Arkeia’s vmOneStep data protection software for virtual machines strides out
"It’s quick and easy for an IT generalist or server administrator to install, manage and configure. Arkeia has pulled ahead of the competition for virtual machine backup with this product."

July 12, 2012
Five tips for effective data protection in virtualized environments
"And, of course, any solution must assure trouble-free restores, said experts at Arkeia Software, a leading provider of fast, easy-to-use and affordable network backup solutions."

July 12, 2012
5 Tips For Effective Virtualized Data Protection
"Unlike traditional backup systems that use operating system-resident agents, virtualization-tuned backups must accommodate features new to virtualized environments."

June 2012

June 25, 2012
Network Backup Vendor Arkeia Software Unveils MSP Program
"The solution is designed to resolve the limitations of last-mile bandwidth by using data deduplication and 97 percent compression ratios. Arkeia says the solution shortens the backup window by 50 percent."

June 19, 2012
Upgrades from Zyrion, Arkeia Address Hybrid Cloud Monitoring, Backup
"The seed-and-feed feature means a user could back up a 6 terabyte array, mail it to its off-site location in another state, and get it there in 24 hours, said Brad Kelley, senior Linux administrator at Security Inspection Inc."

June 13, 2012
Slidecast: Arkeia Network Backup for Hybrid Cloud
"Arkeia Network Backup v10 enables “hybrid cloud” backups by overcoming the limitations of last-mile bandwidth—allowing overnight delivery of physical media to substitute for WAN bandwidth as needed."

June 12, 2012
Arkeia introduces hybrid cloud backup
"The software allows backing up data to external portable media for bulk uploading into the cloud, thus saving bandwidth expenses. Protection of the first terabyte of source volume costs $5,000 with unlimited agents."

May 2012

May 24, 2012
Arkeia Doubles Storage Capacity of R320, R620 Backup Appliances
"The company’s Progressive Deduplication technology is designed to reduce the size of backup by a ratio of 5-to-1 in typical backup sets, allowing users to effectively manage 240TB of non-deduped data."

May 24, 2012
Arkeia firmware upgrade doubles storage capacity of backup appliances.
"Arkeia channel partners can now connect third-party disk arrays via fibre channel to already-deployed Arkeia appliances."

May 2, 2012
Five Tips For Faster, Simpler, Better Data Deduplication
"Dedupe can attain a 95 percent reduction in data volume for users who routinely back up the same data, such as performing nightly backups each business day, or backing up of dozens of virtual machines."

April 2012

April 25, 2012
Integrated backup appliances provide option to traditional disk libraries
"Disk’s dominance in backup is still growing but it is changing to reflect the rise of all-in-one backup appliances that include all the necessary data protection software and hardware in one box."

April 20, 2012
6 Standout Storage Appliances
"Arkeia delivers all-in-one backup appliances -- both as hardware and as virtual appliances. While it provides options similar to EMC Avamar, it also offers them at an attractive price point."

March 2012

March 20, 2012
Ohio transit authority turns to all-in-one data protection
"The Arkeia solution has provided space savings of up to 97 percent with its Progressive Deduplication feature that lets SORTA reduce bandwidth needed to replicate backup sets over the wide-area network."

March 12, 2012
3 New Virtualization, Cloud Products To Consider
"[The Arkeia] virtual appliance is a turn-key backup solution for VMware hypervisors packaged as a simple-to-install, single virtual machine, ready for deployment on any VMware vSphere, ESXi or ESX hypervisor."

March 6, 2012
Arkeia, Acronis offer virtual server backup to SMBs
"My first impression [of vmOneStep] was just the simplicity of the configuration,” Indelli said. “I was impressed with how easy it was to deploy. I went from having no backup to having a virtual appliance installed and configured in under a half hour."

March 6, 2012
Arkeia Rolls out virtual appliance for VMware backups
"Arkeia, a data protection software vendor, on Tuesday announced a virtual appliance called vmOneStep that automatically discovers, includes and protects VMware vSphere ESXi or ESX virtual machines. It also protects Hyper-V and XenServer."

February 2012

February 15, 2012
New Programs Show Channel Retains Luster
"Arkeia, which already has a channel presence in Europe and the Middle East, is bringing a partner program to North America that features everything solution providers have come to expect from large vendors and established channel programs."

February 14, 2012
Arkeia Taps Channel Chargers for MSP, VAR Sales Strategy
"Arkeia’s North American channel development is fueled by the company’s 2011 customer acquisition and overall sales growth. It also comes shortly after Arkeia released version 3 of its backup and virtual appliances for the mid-market."

February 14, 2012
Arkeia Accelerates Channel Presence in the Americas
"Arkeia already witnessed an increase in sales to new customers in 2011, with 10 times the growth rate of the backup and recovery market, which grew by six percent in that year. The company already boasts a 94 percent maintenance renewal rate."

January 2012

January 30, 2012
Arkeia Network Backup Version 9.1 Review
"The software is among the best I've seen in the past 15 years. Its web interface, command-line interface, extensive supported operating systems list, options for deployment and bare metal recovery are a few of the reasons why ANB is a 9 out of 10."

January 24, 2012
Data Storage, Recovery & Backup News
"Many other companies, including some niche players, offer PBBA products. Arkeia is an up-and-coming vendor that offers both physical and virtual backup appliances with optional tape support for archival purposes."

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