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DCIG — 2011 Virtual Server Backup Software Buyer's Guide

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Arkeia Software is ranked third among 24 backup software products for its features to protect data on virtual servers. Arkeia ranked tops overall in the "Excellent" category. Arkeia is also ranked "Excellent" in three individual categories:

  • Technology
  • Management
  • Backup

Despite its outstanding ranking, Arkeia was penalized on issues that were not available when the test was conducted, or were reported in error, including:

  • Restores single files from both Windows and Linux (including LVM) snapshots
  • Deduplication
  • "Self-installable software" and "on-line forms" are support capabilities currently provided
These features are all available with Arkeia Network Backup v9 which is available since April 2011.

Also, the DCIG report does not accurately reflect Arkeia's broad physical platform support, though it does accurately report Arkeia's protection of:

  • VMware vSphere 4.X via vStorage
  • Microsoft Hyper-V 2008 R2 via VSS
  • Citrix XenServer via CLI

These three virtual environments are protected without need for Guest-Operating-System-specific agents. A single Arkeia agent will protect all virtual machines on any of these hypervisors.

Arkeia protects over 200 physical platforms, including all those listed in the report (pages 9-11) except Guardian, IBM AS/400, IBM I, IBM OS/390, and Open VMS. No vendor listed in this report protects more distinct platforms than Arkeia Network Backup v8.2. For Arkeia's full platform support, visit

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