Arkeia Software

Coraid Backup Partnership

coraid.gifCoraid, Inc., developer of the EtherDrive Storage Blades, a low-cost, block-level, network storage with virtually unlimited scalability in capacity and performance, provide unique solutions for data storage that minimizes TCO by making products that are easy to use, easy to integrate into existing environments and energy efficient.

EtherDrive provides Storage Area Network functionality without the need for expensive Fiber Channel networking technology and it provides networked disk storage using standard Ethernet connections where blade appears to its server as direct attached ATA block storage. EtherDrive can be equipped with any size standard ATA disk drive, enabling a shared storage pool of unlimited capacity. Server volume managers can access EtherDrive in any desired RAID configuration or a JBOD storage and is a perfect companion or backbone storage underneath NAS filers, or iSCSI bridges, as well as Email and Web servers.

Coraid and Arkeia Software work together to certify Coraid's EtherDrive Storage Blade appliances for networked disk storage using standard Ethernet connections with Arkeia Network backup software.

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