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FalconStor Software Backup Partnership

FalconStor Software delivers proven, comprehensive data protection that facilitate
the continuous availability of business-critical data with speed, integrity, and simplicity.

Arkeia and FalconStor have partnered to bring customers integrated backup and deduplication solutions. The foundation of the partnership is the completion of rigorous testing and validation between FalconStor Virtual Tape Library (VTL) Virtual Appliance and Arkeia Network Backup v8 backup software, ensuring seamless operation between enterprise-class deduplication and backup solutions.

Virtual Appliances, Physical Appliances, and Software

Arkeia and FalconStor have validated that the two products run together on a single VMware ESX instance. Deployment flexibility is key to the partnership, with configurations of Arkeia Network Backup deployed as application software, as a physical appliance, or in a distinct virtual machine. In any of these configurations, Arkeia can backup any combination of 200 distinct platforms, applications and databases; including other server virtualization platforms.

While certified with FalconStor deduplication on the block level, Arkeia Network Backup can also be used in conjunction with the FalconStor File-interface Deduplication System (FDS), a block-level deduplication solution that presents a network share interface as a backup repository. Customers can choose a file interface or a VTL interface or both for data deduplication, depending on data center requirements.

Arkeia Network Backup embeds its own optimized disk-based virtual tape library (VTL), but can also store backup files in any third-party VTL that respects iSCSI, SAS, SCSI, or Fibre Channel standards. Arkeia Network Backup also offers backup data replication across LANs and WANs, permitting customers to protect data without the expense and inconvenience of moving physical media.

Best-in-Class Data Backup and De-Duplication

The Arkeia Network Backup integration with FalconStor de-duplication combination provides a best in class solution with unparalleled flexibility. Customers can protect their data with Arkeia Network Backup suite deployed as as a software application, physical appliance or virtual appliance. FalconStor offers the matching deployment flexibility, leaving the choice to the user to select the most appropriated deployment for their IT infrastructure.

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Arkeia Software and FalconStor Software Partnership press announcement.

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