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Mandriva Backup Partnership


Arkeia Software and Mandriva have worked closely together since the 2000 release of Linux-Mandrake PowerPack 7. At that time, Arkeia Network Backup was the first and best professional network backup solution for Linux environments.  As Linux pioneers, Arkeia Software and Mandriva are partnering to bring enterprise backup capabilities to Linux environments.

Mandriva Enterprise Server 5 (MES5) is an ideal enterprise computing platform for Arkeia customers seeking a robust and secure system for their backup server and all Linux machines.

mandriva_readyArkeia Network Backup supports the entire range of Mandriva Linux, including corporate versions, as well as desktop solutions. Server support includes Intel x86, Intel EM64T, AMD64 and PowerPC architectures. Additionally, Arkeia offers United Linux compatible packages for former Connectiva distributions. Certified packages are available for Corporate Server (versions 2.1, 3, 4 and now MES5).

Arkeia's bare-metal Disaster Recovery solution works with Mandriva on Intel x86. All applicable Arkeia Hot Backup Agents are available for Mandriva environments, including Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2, Lotus and LDAP.

Arkeia Software & Mandriva

Specific Arkeia Network Backup packages have been developed and tested for Mandriva environements.  Mandriva Enterprise Server 5 includes a free-trial version of Arkeia Network Backup, allowing customers to easily install and test Arkeia Network Backup packages for 30 days.  Also, Arkeia Network Backup is available in the Mandriva repository so customers can easily access the backup solution.  Arkeia subscriptions will also be available on the Mandriva Store, so use beyond the 30 day trial period is as easy as entering the license keys purchased from the Mandriva online store. Mandriva is also an Arkeia reseller partner, allowing its sales team to resell Arkeia software within Linux-based Mandriva solutions.


Among Mandriva customers using Arkeia solutions for their backup needs, you will find Mandriva itself and the French Government deploying Mandriva's Linux and Arkeia software on 1,500 servers.

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