Arkeia Software

Overland Storage Backup Partnership

Overland Storage is a trusted global provider of effortless data management and data protection solutions across the data lifecycle. Companies can focus on building their business instead of worrying about data growth, data loss or data management with SnapSAN®, SnapServer®, NEO®, and REO®; product lines combined with Arkeia solutions.

Arkeia Software supports all Overland Storage tape and disk devices including Neo, Reo, SnapSAN and SnapServer devices either directly attached to the Arkeia backup server or in SAN or network environments.

SnapSAN and SnapServer NAS data management solutions

SnapSAN solutions can be used as a high performance and high capacity backup target for Arkeia backup servers in various environments.

SnapServer NAS solutions offer the ideal mix of price/performance systems for remote offices, workgroups, departments, and distributed enterprises. Arkeia Network Backup can backup data stored in any of these solutions; The Arkeia backup agent can be directly installed in the SnapServer DX-Series in order to back up the user data from this NAS to an Arkeia backup server over the network.

REO SERIES: Disk-based backup and recovery solutions

Overland’s family of purpose-built, disk-based backup and recovery appliances with the ability to be configured as any combination of virtual tape libraries, stand-alone virtual tape drives and/or disk volumes. REO appliances can be used as the target of any Arkeia backup server.

NEO SERIES: Tape backup and archive solutions for the enterprise and beyond

Overland's family of scalable libraries provides reliable data protection with nonstop operation, expansion on demand, from 9 up to 1000 slots. The full NEO series product line, including all tape technology, is supported by Arkeia Network Backup.

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