Arkeia Software

Quantum Backup Partnership

Founded in 1980, Quantum is a trusted partner and long-standing leader in data protection, meeting the needs of both small and large-scale customers with tape drive, tape media, tape automation, and disk-based backup products and services.

Arkeia Software supports all Quantum tape and disk devices including SuperLoaders, Scalar, PX-Series and DX and DXi devices. We also support all ATL, Adic, Certance, Seagate tape drives and libraries with FC, SCSI, SAS, iscsi connectivity either directly attached to the Arkeia backup server, the Arkeia media server or to NDMP-compliant devices.

Moreover, the following Quantum library models are certified with the Arkeia Network Backup Suite (Software application, Physical appliance and Virtual appliance): DX30 - DX100

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