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VMware Backup Partnership

VMware backup  technology alliance partnerSince 2006, Arkeia Software has been an active VMware backup partner, providing solutions that help simplify backup and recovery operations in VMware environments. By integrating with VMware APIs, Arkeia Software has developed software that ensures reliable backup of VMware virtual machines. Arkeia Software further supports backup in VMware environments by providing more than just a solution for protecting virtual machines. Arkeia Software was the first backup software company to offer an all-in-one virtual appliance specfically designed for backup and recovery, taking advantage of VMware capabilities and applying them to backup, for both virtual and physical environments.

VMware vStorage Backup Agent

Arkeia Software provides a specialized backup agent for backing VMware vSphere Server environments. Ideal for disaster recovery purposes, the VMware vStorage Agent provides image-level backups of virtual machines while they are running; incremental block-level technology (Change Block Tracking, CBT) allow faster snapshot backups and guarantee point-in-time recoveries of virtual machines without requiring the virtual servers to be shutdown. Learn more about the VMware vStorage Backup Agent.

Arkeia Virtual Appliance

The Arkeia Virtual Appliance (AVA) allows organizations to extend their virtualization infrastructure to include backup and recovery. Deployed as a virtual machine, the Arkeia Virtual Appliance contains all the necessary components required for a fully featured backup server, including a backup optimized OS, Arkeia Network Backup software, and bundled licensing. The AVA not only backups virtual machines, but also physical machines, and also has the capability to backup to both disk and tape devices as well as cloud. Learn more about the Arkeia Virtual Appliance.

Arkeia Virtual Appliance for VMware: Free Use Edition

Arkeia Software provides a fully-licensed, free version of Arkeia Network Backup specifically designed to backup VMware environments. With just a few clicks, VMware users can quickly deploy a fully-featured backup server with bundled licensing. Arkeia VMware Backup offers an advanced network backup solution with the ease-of-use and ease-of-deployment that VMware users are accustomed to.

What's Included

  • Arkeia Virtual Appliance featuring Arkeia Network Backup
  • 1 VMware hypervisor (commercial version only) backup using vStorage
  • 250GB diskstorage license for disk-based backups
  • Support via online Knowledgebase and wiki

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