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The WD Arkeia Backup Server controls backup tasks and serves as a hub among Backup Agents. A single Backup Server may control one or thousands of Backup Agents. The Backup Server "pulls" data from Backup Agents installed on backup sources or "client" machines. Backup Servers and Backup Agents are always LAN-connected for speedy, low-latency data transfer. Backup Servers can be managed over a WAN.

In turn, the Central Management Server serves as a hub among Backup Servers. A single Central Management Server typically controls dozens or hundreds of Backup Servers.

All WD Arkeia Backup Servers deliver the same capabilities, whether deployed as hardware appliances, virtual appliances, or software applications.

One Backup Server Technology, Three Deployment Modes

WD Arkeia software is the first data protection company to support backup servers deployed as any combination of system software, physical appliances, and virtual appliances.


The capabilities and features of the Backup Servers are identical across the three deployment alternatives. The same Backup Agents are used across all three, giving system administrators the flexibility to evolve their servers without modifying their agent machines. Similarly, complementary products like Backup Replication operate across all backup server deployments. Several common deployment examples leverage some or all of these capabilities.

Backup Server as a Hardware Appliance

WD Arkeia’s hardware appliances are ideal in many scenarios where the technical resources to deploy, configure, and maintain general purpose computers is not available. Distributed organizations could use our physical appliances in ROBO (remote offices / branch offices) offices. Smaller organizations would benefit from an appliance that doesn’t need to be regularly administered and for which the hardware and software are perfectly optimized and balanced. Learn more

Backup Server as a Virtual Appliance

WD Arkeia’s virtual appliances are ideal for companies that have embraced virtualized environments. Rather than dedicate a machine to backups that take place mostly at night and restores that take place only infrequently, companies can safely share hardware resources with applications that demand “full control” of the computer. Service Providers and other companies that deploy very large data centers are ideal candidates for leveraging WD Arkeia’s virtual appliances. Learn more.

Backup Server as a Software Application

WD Arkeia’s system application deployment, the traditional mode for deploying system software, remains the general-purpose solution, ideal when administrators want to configure their own hardware and operating systems according to company standard practices. RedHat shops can configure their standard platform and deploy WD Arkeia network backup with just the configuration of disks, networking and tape equipment desired. You choose. Learn more.

Click here for help in choosing which deployment mode is right for your environment.

Three capabilities make WD Arkeia solutions outstanding for protecting virtualized environments. No other data protection integrates all of these capabilities:

  • WD Arkeia protects all the major virtual environments. It also protects more than 200 physical platforms so a single backup solution can protect your entire IT environment. Deduplication works across both, further reducing your backup size!
  • WD Arkeia's Progressive Deduplication™ technology is truly global. It deduplicates data blocks not only across multiple virtual machines, but across multiple hypervisors, even if the virtual machines use different hypervisor technologies.
  • Arkeia supports direct backup to disk and tape. Arkeia also replicates backup sets to local media (e.g. tape), as well as to public or private clouds, for secure off-site storage.

Download the WD Arkeia network backup software for a free, 30-day trial. See how much backup space WD Arkeia can save. See how WD Arkeia can shorten your backup window!