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Goold Health Systems Accelerates Backups by 5-times Using WD Arkeia Software

“With WD Arkeia’s multiflow technology, we were able to see improvements in speed across the board, saving me time and allowing us to backup more data in less time than before,” stated Brian Butterfield, Linux System Administrator, Goold Health Systems. The flexibility of Arkeia Network Backup gives GHS the best of both worlds: the ability to backup millions of small files on a single server and the ability to backup large files on many servers. As a result, GHS enjoy peace of mind knowing all files are backed up in a timely fashion, regardless of location or size.

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WD Arkeia software is a fast, flexible and reliable backup and recovery software solution chosen by more than 10,000 enterprises in 70 countries. The WD Arkeia software application is the classical deployment of infrastructure software and allows the highest level of customization.

WD Arkeia software works seamlessly with all Agents, Backup Replication and Central Management Servers. Additionally, as a software application deployment, the WD Arkeia network backup suite can be highly customized and tuned through our Command Line Interface (CLI). Customers continuously find new ways to integrate their environments with the application via the CLI. WD Arkeia software can also be managed with our web-based user interface.

Server and Operating System Flexibility

The WD Arkeia software application is the deployment option that grants the most flexibility, allowing you to use whichever server hardware you chose on whichever operating system you chose. Currently, more than 100 combinations of server platforms and 200 agent platforms are supported.

Deployment Flexibility


WD Arkeia software can be deployed in many ways and suits both small- and medium-sized businesses, as well as large enterprise deployments.

Indeed, WD Arkeia offers reliable and easy-to-manage solutions that are cost-effective for the SMB markets. Additionally, enterprise environments might implement multiple backup servers and specialized backup agents for the protection of a variety of open files, including application and database data, and would benefit from central administration. Learn how some customers have deployed the WD Arkeia software application.

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