Arkeia Software

Subscription Licensing

Subscription licenses are fully functioning, no limit editions of Arkeia products that give you the ability to use our enterprise backup software, including world-class technical support, product updates and upgrades, during the subscription period.

Lower Up Front Costs

  • Arkeia subscription licensing option means a company’s initial expense is only 40% of the Arkeia perpetual license investment (which is already the market value leader)
  • Subscription licensing can often be realized as an operational expense, preserving capital budgets and cash.

Increase Operational Flexibility

  • Customers can convert a subscription license to a perpetual license at a discounted license price
  • Subscription licensing means companies who are committed to the open source model can purchase Arkeia consistent with how they purchase support subscriptions from other open source vendors (such as Red Hat, Ubuntu, SuSE and MySQL)
  • Subscriptions are available for 1 and 2 year periods and can be extended on a yearly basis.

Award Winning Technical Support

  • Bronze level technical support is included to ensure easy deployment and configuration
  • Support levels can be upgraded to Silver or Gold for an additional fee.

Fully Functioning Products

Unlike immature products which also offer subscription pricing (such as Zmanda), Arkeia offers robust, feature rich enterprise backup solutions with more than 200 platforms supported.  Arkeia delivers rich functionality such as D2D2T, NDMP, SSO, Central Management Server, and Backup Replication, and more than 10,000 organizations in 100 countries rely on Arkeia Network Backup.

Arkeia’s new subscription licensing delivers on-premises software with a services pricing model.  Companies that choose this subscription pricing can reassign resources to personnel and other infrastructure needs.

Finally, subscription licensing means companies which face high maintenance renewal or high license extension costs from suppliers of monolithic solutions such as Symantec Veritas or EMC Legato now have an option that both provides a great value and that allows for investment flexibility.

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Subscription Licensing Details

When the software subscription ends, the right to use the software terminates and the software will cease to function soon after.  To continue using the software you must add an extension license key to your Arkeia licenses file, either a continuation of your subscription or the conversion of your subscription to a perpetual license.

Additional financing options may be available. To learn more, request a quote or contact sales.