Arkeia Software

Source Capacity Licensing

IT buyers are tired to purchase software solutions which require complicated licensing model and the acquisition of new licenses everytime they change a hardware component of their infrastructure.

Based on the volume of source data (before WD Arkeia deduplication & compression) that you will backup, the Source Capacity Licensing makes the pricing of our solution straight-forward and predictable for the future.

A full-featured backup server with deduplication, local replication and tape management with an unlimited number of physical machine backup (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, UNIX, BSD...) starts at $2,000 for a source capacity of 500GB. Additional TB goes as low as $1,250.

A few additional software bundles are available:

  • Virtualization: VMware, Hyper-V Hypervisor agents
  • Microsoft: SQL Server, Exchange, SharePoint, AD agents
  • Premium: MySQL, PostreSQL, GroupWise, eDirectory, LDAP agents, and RSO
  • DataCenter: Oracle, Lotus, and DB2 agents, and SSO

All these costs are for perpetual licenses and include one year of Bronze maintenance; subscription licensing is also available. Request a quote here.