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This section demonstrates some of the capabilities of Arkeia Network Backup. The demos highlight the ease-of-use of both basic features (like file backup, restore, and reporting) and advanced capabilities (like Cloud Replication). Unless noted in the demo, all of the features of all of the demos are available whether the Arkeia backup server is deployed as an application, an appliance, or a virtual appliance.

How to install WD Arkeia's Virtual Appliance

This demo video (narrated, 5 minutes) shows how to install and backup, in real time, using WD Arkeia's Virtual Appliance.
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Arkeia Network Backup: General Overview Demo

This general overview video (narrated, 4 minutes) reviews basic concepts and operations of an Arkeia Backup Server, whether deployed as an appliance or as an application. This demo shows how an administrator configures a backup, specifies block-grain Progressive Deduplication, and then executes the backup.

Arkeia Network Backup: Replication Demo

The Arkeia Replication Demo (narrated, 4 minutes) reviews the steps to configure and perform a backup replication. The demo shows how to configure backup servers as the replication source and the replication target, and then how to start the replication. Note that the replication features of Arkeia are available with all Arkeia backup servers, whether deployed as appliances, virtual appliances, or software applications.

Arkeia vmOneStep Virtual Appliance: Deployment Demo

The Arkeia vmOneStep Virtual Appliance Demo (narrated, 5 minutes) shows how to deploy the virtual appliance on a VMware vSphere ESX/ESXi platform. We use the VMware vSphere Infrastructure Client to deploy the appliance, which is distributed in Open Virtualization Format (OVF). The deployment requires just one step--and then we're ready to start backups. Note that the full functionality of Arkeia Network Backup (shown in the first demo, above) is available using the Arkeia vmOneStep Virtual Appliance.