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Virtual Environment Backup

"Deployment was a piece of cake. I was able to dynamically allocate resources and increase the size of my disk based on how much data I have. You get all the functionality of Veritas and Legato running in a virtual appliance, including the option to backup to tape."

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Arkeia Software selected virtualized environments as a major product development focus beginning in 2008. We address virtualized environments in two ways. First, we deliver Arkeia Network Backup's backup server as a virtual appliance. Second, we deliver agents for protecting the contents of whole virtual machine platforms.

Deploy Your Backup Server as a Virtual Appliance

Arkeia Network Backup's Backup Servers are deployed in three modes: Appliances, Virtual Appliances, and Software Applications. Today, our Virtual Appliance runs on VMware ESX and ESXi platforms and is able to backup both physical machines and virtual machines (e.g. VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer, Red Hat KVM/RHEV).

Virtual Backup Appliance Deployment

Virtual appliance deployments offer many benefits:

  • Because many backups are performed only periodically or at only certain hours each day, they do not make efficient use of dedicated hardware
  • LAN-free backups of virtual machines
  • Rapid deployment
  • Take advantage of hypervisor features, such as high-availability, snapshotting, and storage provisioning

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Backing up Virtual Environments

Arkeia Software offers specialized agents for Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware vSphere that make it practical to back up any number of virtual machines on one or more hypervisors, without having to install agents on each virtual machine. You license and install a single agent that handles the backup and recovery operations of multiple virtual machines. These types of agents allow full system image-level backups that enable disaster recovery, which results in reduced downtime.

Often times specific applications or databases may need more granular backup and recovery options. In this case, standard backup agents for both files and applications/databases can be installed directly in the virtual machines, similar to how they would normally be deployed in physical environments. Arkea Network Backup fully supports operating system and associated applications and databases that are running in virtual environments.

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Three capabilities make Arkeia solutions outstanding for protecting virtualized environments. No other data protection integrates all of these capabilities:

  • Arkeia protects all the major virtual environments. It also protects more than 200 physical platforms so a single backup solution can protect your entire IT environment. Deduplication works across both, further reducing your backup size!
  • Arkeia's Progressive Deduplication™ is truly global. It deduplicates data blocks not only across multiple virtual machines, but across multiple hypervisors, even if the virtual machines use different hypervisor technologies.
  • Arkeia supports direct backup to disk and tape. Arkeia also replicates backup sets to local media (e.g. tape), as well as to public or private clouds, for secure off-site storage.

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