Arkeia Software


For confidential data, Arkeia’s Encryption Option for Backup Agents is ideal. This option allows data to be encrypted on the source data computer before it is transmitted over the network to a Backup Server. Supported algorithms includes:

  • AES-256 - the NIST accepted standard for U.S. and Canadian government uses, including top secret environments of government use,
  • Blowfish 448-bit - the fastest encryption algorithm in use for Arkeia and
  • Triple DES - designed to be compatible with all legacy systems.

Encryption on the source computer protects both file names and file contents during transmission and storage. This strategy also makes use of CPU resources on the source computer that are often otherwise unused, shortening the overall backup window.

Files remain secure on media attached to the Arkeia Backup Server or after replication using Arkeia’s Backup Replication features. Of course, encryption can complement the use of any Arkeia Backup Agents for applications, databases, and virtual machines.

Consult Arkeia's technical encryption guide from our Wiki