Arkeia Software

What's New?

Arkeia regularly delivers both new capabilities to existing products and new products. We give real value to our customers on maintenance because we're constantly providing new features that customers can download from our customers-only support web site. This section summarizes major new products announced during the last two years.

Announcement DateCapabilities
Arkeia Network Backup Version 10.2 WD Arkeia Version 10.2 February 6, 2014
  • Incremental reclamation of orphaned deduplication blocks
  • Performance enhancements for local and remote replication
  • New platform support for Fedora 20, openSuse 13.1, and Ubuntu 13.10
  • Learn about the new product.
Arkeia Network Backup Version 10.1 WD Arkeia Version 10.1 and Fourth-generation WD Arkeia backup appliances June 27, 2013
  • Cloud “Seeding and Feeding” for appliances
  • Cloud Recovery for appliances
  • Source-side dedupe for Mac OS X
  • Four new High-Capacity appliances with up to 48TB disk
  • Source Volume Licensing
  • Learn about the new product.
Arkeia Network Backup Version 10.0 WD Arkeia Version 10.0 June 12, 2012