Arkeia Software

Why Arkeia?

More than 7,000 enterprises in 70 countries have selected Arkeia as their backup solution.  Customers tell us that broad and deep Linux and open source support, features for industry-specific requirements, flexibility of our architecture, proven reliability, and our world-class technical support are reasons customers choose Arkeia.  However, three reasons for selecting Arkeia products stand out:

1. Fast Backups and Restores

Arkeia was built from the ground up to solve one of the backup administrators' most significant headache: slow backups resulting in missed backup windows.  Arkeia's architecture leverages extensive use of parallelism, enabling up to 248 simultaneous flows of data resulting in network-speed backups and restores.  Furthermore, our extensive support for disk allows our customers to take full advantage of the benefits of random-access speeds, while still incorporating tape or cloud for data archiving.  The Arkeia architecture and extensive features built to optimize performance mean customers often realize more than 5x improvements in backup speeds.  Learn more about our technology to achieve fast backups and restores, or learn more about our efficient architecture.

2. Easy to Use

Arkeia's products have been designed for simple installation and administration.  Our core products offer a Web based user interface, integrated online wizards and technical support.  Furthermore, Arkeia Network Backup comes with preconfigured disk-based backups, automated disk-to-disk-to-tape chaining, and extensive preconfigured backup reports.  Our integrated appliances can be installed and configured in 10 minutes and are designed for sites without local IT resources.  See our friendly interface and straight-forward workflow by viewing one of our online demos.

3. Affordable

Arkeia products are powerful enterprise backup solutions that provide broad features and lightning-fast performance.  However, we recognize that IT is being asked to "do more with less", so we also deliver the best value in our segment.  To help, we offer:

  • Specially priced product bundles designed for real-world customer deployments
  • Discounts for agents deployed in virtual machines (because imaged-based backups don't yet allow hot backups of all databases and applications)
  • Volume discounts
  • Both perpetual or subscription licensing
Arkeia Network Backup can be deployed in three deployment modes which lets you start small in your current infrastructure but also grow to meet the needs of large heterogeneous environments.  When considering the total cost of ownership of a backup solution, you must consider both up-front and ongoing costs.  In both regards, Arkeia delivers the best value in our segment.  Learn more about Arkeia's value leadership.


To see for yourself why so many customers have selected Arkeia products, download a trial license now.