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Arkeia Software offers a variety of consulting services, some delivered on-site and some delivered remotely. Our highly-trained services engineers have broad experience in data protection and can help address issues that range from backup strategy through network configuration and Arkeia deployment and backup validation.

Most services can be delivered either on-site or remotely. Remote services may be more cost-effective for small deployments because they eliminate travel to the customer site. These remote services are provided using shared-desktops and telephone conference call. Deployment services that require physical access to hardware (e.g. configuration of SCSI channels on tape libraries) may be less appropriate for remote delivery, though the bulk of deployment services (e.g. Backup Server and Backup Agent configuration) are easily performed remotely.

Arkeia Backup Process Strategy Services

Daily full backups or the Tower of Hanoi? What’s your backup tape management strategy. Do you back up to disk, to VTL, or tape devices? Do you use a combination of data replication and backup? What’s your strategy for data recovery at the main office and at remote sites? How can your backup software play a role in business continuity planning? Our consulting engineers work with your team to study your objectives, define alternatives, and select the best strategy for your specific backup requirements. (On-site only)

Arkeia Deployment Services

Configuring a handful of Arkeia Backup Servers can be quick and easy. However, if your team is oversubscribed, we can help. Also, for complex deployments with many specialized database and application Agents, our experienced consulting engineers can save you time and reduce the risk of schedule slippage. Services include:

Arkeia Initial Deployment Services

Deployment services can include network configuration, server installation, client installation, and backup performance measurement. For small deployments, software installation by our engineers can ensure correct operation to ensure smooth operation for years to come. For very large deployments our engineers can develop scripts to automate the deployment process. The goal of these services is a combination of rapid system deployment and knowledge transfer. (On-site or remote)

Arkeia Backup Process Validation Services

While thousands of repeat customers have demonstrated the reliability of the Arkeia Network Backup software, there is no substitute for confirming that your backups are running regularly and as expected. Arkeia’s Backup Process Validation Service performs an end-to-end validation of your backup process. Are your backing up all your important data? Are your backups always completing within the backup window? Can you recover individual files or quickly rebuild lost servers? We provide a fresh set of eyes to reduce the risk of catastrophic data loss. (On-site or remote)

Arkeia Tune-Up Services

Over time, as network environments evolve, site tune-ups can deliver important performance and reliability dividends. If you are refreshing your backup server hardware—either your Arkeia appliances or Arkeia Network Backup running on your own servers, we can assist with the migration. Services include:

Arkeia Deployment Tuning Services

Rarely does infrastructure scale evenly. Disk storage can expand rapidly without a corresponding growth of network bandwidth. Remote offices are opened—but without the network connectivity that is standard within the central data center. If your environment has evolved (increased network capacity, distributed data) or your requirements have changed (more data, new applications) since your initial deployment of Arkeia Network Backup, our Tuning Service can help you optimize your deployment. (On-site or remote)

Arkeia Migration Services

Our technical support engineers are experts in migrating Arkeia configurations from one Arkeia appliance to another—a typical undertaking ever three or four years as appliance requirements grow. Our engineers can also execute migrations from one appliance to a hardware server (e.g. an HP server with the Arkeia backup server application) or vice-versa. Any task done as infrequently as once every several years is often best delegated to experts who perform the task regularly. Consider enlisting the aid of Arkeia Technical Support when you migrate your backup servers. (On-site or remote)