Arkeia Software

Maintenance Bundles

Software updates and technical support are only sold as Maintenance Bundles. A one-year Maintenance Bundle is included when you buy an Arkeia Appliance or license Arkeia software. Learn more about the technical support programs available.

Access to Valuable New Features

Most customers renew their support contracts to gain access to new features provided in new releases of Arkeia Network Backup. Arkeia has a strong record of delivering new releases with valuable new features.  Recently, Version 8.0 was delivered in March 2009.  Version 8.1 was delivered in September 2009.  Version 8.2 was delivered in three phases during Q2 2010.  Version 9.0 was delivered in April 2011.

Pricing and Policies

Maintenance prices are based on standard product pricing, less any volume discounts.  Maintenance must be prepaid and are available for periods of one through five years.  Customers who elect to forego maintenance do not enjoy access to product upgrades or product updates.

Current maintenance contracts confer the right to licensed product updates and upgrades, but only some new products.  For example, when a file Agent for a new platform is delivered, customers can use this new file agent in place of another agent of the same Type (i.e. Type-1, Type-2, or Type-3).

If maintenance contracts lapse (i.e. are not renewed before the contracts expire), a maintenance re-establishment fee is due.