Arkeia Software

Training Products

Arkeia Software offers a series of training courses to share our expertise with our customers. Courses range from one day to three days and are conducted either in our training facilities or at customer sites.

All courses are priced per-person and require a minimum class size of five students with a maximum class size of ten.

Evaluating Alternative Backup Execution and Retention Strategies (1 day)

Before you deploy any backup process, it is essential to understand backup alternatives, how backups compare to and complement data mirroring and data replication, when to use disk or tape, and the role of replication. The course also reviews disk retention strategies in terms of minimizing media costs and restore times. Finally, we review alternatives for data recovery including bare-metal restore and virtual machine restore.

Managing Single-site Backups with Arkeia Network Backup (3 days)

Learn to design and deploy a backup process. Inventory your data and hardware resources, and define your protection requirements. Install and configure the Arkeia Backup Server, including options like SSO and RSO. Install and configure Backup Agents, including database- and application-specific Agents, encryption, and data recovery. Test and tune the backup system.

Managing Multi-site Backups with Arkeia Network Backup (3 days)

Review alternatives for multi-site backups, including centralized backups, backup replication, and multi-site tape backup. Install and configure the Arkeia Central Management Server. Install and configure the Arkeia Replication Server. Learn how to integrate backups with other data center jobs by using scripting. Define, deploy and test multi-site reporting.Managing Single-Site Backups is a pre-requisite course.

Remote Training (minimum 1 hour)

Arkeia offers remote product training via shared-desktop that allows your staff to develop expertise specific to your backup requirements. This cost-effective "one on one" training provides access to skilled Engineers who can assist your technical staff.  We work with you to understand your staff's requirements and customize our training to suit your specific needs.  Alternatively you can choose from our standard training packages:

Offered Packages:

  • Arkeia Best Practices
  • Arkeia Security
  • Arkeia Basic Administration
  • Arkeia Advanced Administration
  • Backup Policy and Tape Rotation
  • Encryption Configuration
  • Arkeia Agents for Database, Application and Virtual Machines
  • Backup Replication Servers Deployment
  • Central Management Servers Deployment