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Several standard patterns of deployment of the Arkeia Network Backup suite are used successfully by our customers. Of course, our standards-compliant software and modular architecture make possible many more data protection strategies. Nonetheless, these deployment models provide a good starting point for a rapid and successful deployment of the Arkeia Network Backup suite across deployment modes.

This section discusses options for backup targets. Arkeia Network Backup can backup data directly to disk, tape, and cloud (remote disk). Once a backup is completed and backup sets are written to media, Arkeia can replicate these backup sets to other media, including disk, tape, and cloud.

This section also summarizes a number of industry-specific solutions where specific capabilities of the Arkeia Network Backup suite are of particular importance, including solutions for government, education, and for managed hosting service providers. This section also describes how our total cost of ownership leads the overall backup market.

Finally, this section describes solutions relevant to several specific technologies, including open source environments, virtualized environments, and OEM deployments where Arkeia products are bundled, typically with hardware and specialized software.

Backup Targets

Backup to-Cloud, to-Disk, and to-Tape. Learn to choose among these options.

Solutions By Industry

Many industries deploy Arkeia solutions. Learn here about three: MSPs, Educational Institutions, and Government.

Solutions By Platform

Learn about support for Apple, Linux, Novell, Unix, Windows, and virtualized environments.

Deployment Examples

See examples for SMBs, Remote/Branch Offices, Large Data Centers, and Enterprises.

Open Source Solutions

No backup solution has broader support for Open Source Solutions than Arkeia Network Backup.

How to Buy

Review options for licensing Arkeia software and purchasing Arkeia appliances.