Arkeia Software

Solutions for Federal, State & Local Government

As a government IT professional, you face increasing pressure to do more with less. Streamlining operations and workflows, centralizing the management of your information and keeping critical information protected are just some of the many challenges federal, state and local governments face. Arkeia backup solutions provide government organizations with solutions to address these challenges.

United States Government Customer Examples


State and Local

  • Alexandria City Public Schools
  • Atlantic City Free Public Library
  • City & Borough of Juneau
  • City of Fresno
  • City of Alexandria
  • City of Baker
  • City of Bloomington
  • City of Casa Grande
  • City of Chandler
  • City of Chaska
  • City of Claremore
  • City of Columbia
  • City of Cortez
  • City of Deer Park
  • City of Florence Utilities
  • City of Fort Smith
  • City of Garden Grove City Hall
  • City of Georgetown
  • City of Juneau
  • City of Key West
  • City of Marshalltown
  • City of Millbrae
  • City of Mt. Pleasant
  • City of Newport News
  • City of Northglenn
  • City of Ontario
  • City of Palm Springs
  • City of Phoenix
  • City of Post Falls
  • City of Raleigh Fire Department
  • City of Rockville
  • City of Saratoga Springs
  • City of Savage
  • City of Steamboat Springs
  • City of Tucson
  • City of Turlock
  • City of Union City, Georgia
  • City of Vicksburg
  • City of Warren
  • City of West Point
  • Falls City Library
  • Florence City Board of Education
  • New York City
  • New York City College of Technology
  • New York City Transit
  • Pasadena City College
  • Provo City
  • Sacramento City Unified School District

Arkeia Highlights for Government Customers


  • Encryption at the client to ensure data is protected from creation through destruction
  • Centralized management to ensure consistent policies are applied across the organization
  • Hardware appliances help lock down data in remote offices and prevent data leakage


  • Proven with more than 7,000 enterprise customers, since 1997
  • Broad set of federal, state and local government customers
  • Rock-solid software design with broad Linux support and additional reliability features such as triple backup verification
  • Hardware redundancies built into the Physical Appliances based on the selection of proven component suppliers, a best-in-class assembler, and appliance design decisions that optimize reliability


  • Adaptable through custom scripting with an interface that supports both web-based GUI and command-line flexibility
  • Support for multiple deployment modes
  • Support for 150 platforms supported and


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