Arkeia Software

Hosting Providers

Hosting companies face increasing pressures to differentiate their services. Whether you offer dedicated, shared, or managed hosting, challenges persist such as high churn, increasing support costs, and decreasing ARPU (average revenue per unit). Data backup represents a proven opportunity for hosting companies to expand their service offerings to existing customers.

Hosting companies choose Arkeia Network Backup to build profitable backup businesses because of Arkeia's speed, flexibility, and support for the technologies used in hosting data centers.

Hosting companies use Linux to deliver hosted services because it is a robust, cost-effective, and flexible platform and Arkeia offers the markets strongest support for Linux.

Shared Hosting

Increase ARPU, decrease support costs and improve customer loyalty by offering scalable backup services.

Managed Hosting

Improve customer loyalty and create new revenues by offering backup at your hosting center or at your customer location.

Dedicated Hosting

Differentiate your hosting services with backups and restores that are self-directed.

Similarly, hosting companies are starting to adopt virtualization because it improves the efficiencies of server deployment and management. What more, hosting companies value the consistent architecture, the support for command-line and graphical management, and ease by which Arkeia Network Backup can be customized. Learn more about the technical features that make Arkeia Network Backup a great fit for hosting companies.

Finally, unlike other backup vendors, Arkeia does not sell backup services to compete with hosting companies. Arkeia offers special pricing and extensive technical support to help hosting companies build a profitable backup business. Arkeia's software application, hardware appliances, and virtual appliances can be combined to allow hosting companies to offer backup services in unique ways to create market differentiation, reduce churn and increase ARPU.

For a live demonstration of Arkeia Network Backup, please contact sales, or download and trial test Arkeia Network Backup.