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The MSPAlliance recognizes Arkeia Software as an elite Accredited Managed Serivice Provider vendor. Vendors awarded this accreditation have shown they abide by the highest principles of quality in areas such as financial stability, positive channel practices, product research and development, and MSP customer satisfaction.

Managed hosting providers in more than two dozen countries have deployed Arkeia solutions to build profitable backup businesses. Arkeia Network Backup is enterprise backup software designed for speed and flexibility, and we have worked with managed hosting providers to deliver several unique solutions to reduce customer churn and improve ARPU.

Two ways managed hosting service providers have delivered backup solutions to their customers are by providing managed backups of servers and data located at the hosting facility and by offering backup services to customers who have data at their local site.

Backup Services within the Datacenter

In the managed hosting-located data scenario, data is created and stored at the managed hosting provider facility and the backups are managed by the hosting provider. This turnkey backup option is applicable to dedicated and managed hosting companies that offer dedicated or virtual managed servers. Learn more.

Backup Services with Appliances

In the customer-located data scenario, data is created at the customer site however backups are managed by the hosting provider. Usually customers will have servers housed at the managed hosting provider facility but will be able to offer a unique service: an appliance-based local backup and recovery at the customer site with centralized backup at the managed hosting provider facility. Learn more.

Sample Hosting Customers

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