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Managed Backup Services

"Our Disaster Recovery plan relies on Arkeia's DR module which guarantee us a bare-metal restore within a maximum of 4 hours, depending of the environnment."
Fabien Dachicourt,
CTO at Pictime Datacenter

As a managed hosting services provider your customer data is created and stored at your datacenter. Offering fully managed backups and restores provide an realistic upsell opporutnity that can generate bottom line results. This turnkey backup option is applicable to dedicated and managed hosting companies that offer dedicated or virtual managed servers. Customers whose servers are already located at the hosting datacenter are ideal candidates for this business model because a services relationship already exists between hoster and hostee.

The managed hosting provider will price and deliver backup services with a well-defined Service Level Agreement (SLA) which typically includes:

  • Volume: amount of data backed up, usually counted in GB.
  • Time: the time to restore files or the time to recover systems, in minutes, hours or days.
  • Archive: the type of archive, both the amount of data and the location (e.g. tapes or off-site) of archived data.

Managed hosting providers have to protect both a large number of servers and a large number of distinct customers. Typically they have all of the requirements of large corporate data centers without having the amount of granular control that a corporate datacenter enjoys. As a result, hosters must rely on an enterprise-ready solution that also delivers a high level of flexibility. Arkeia solutions meet managed hosting providers' unique requirements and enable you to build a profitable backup business.

Solution Features

  1. Reporting - a solution must provide a granular view of usage so the hoster can bill the customer.
  2. Integration - a solution must work with common technologies used by customers and hosting companies, such as Linux, Applications & Databases, and system monitoring software.
  3. Management - a solution must be easy to install, configure, modify and to scale.
  4. Cost - a solution must be a model that scales as your business grows.
  5. Security - a solution must prove encryption and access controls.
  6. Performance - as data grows, the solution must be able to handle very large data sets and large numbers of servers with ease.
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