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Backup Requirements for Shared Hosting

Shared hosting companies offer turnkey solutions for hosting websites.  Shared hosters leverage maintenance and management across many accounts to keep customer costs low.  Often times, there are more than 1,000 shared hosting accounts on one web server, and shared hosting companies may host hundreds of thousands or even millions of accounts.  Finding a backup solution that meets the unique needs of a shared hosting organization can be a daunting task.

A common roadblock that shared hosting providers hit when seeking a backup solution relates to shared resources such as MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server.  Hosting providers are keenly aware that each customer requires user-segmented privileges to their content and data, with no exceptions.

Traditional server backup solutions allow a single shared hosting customer to have access to restore an entire MySQL server instance. This broad approach would obviously cause serious problems for other users in the shared hosting environment.

Most backup solutions are conceived to protect “one server for one end-user company” and this application model cannot simply be adjusted for the shared hosting space. At Arkeia, we engineered our shared hosting backup solution with these specific challenges in mind.

The Arkeia shared hosting backup solution was designed to be deployed and administered globally with the fine-grain access controls required to successfully operate within a shared hosting environment. This has also enabled us to resolve the issues surrounding shared resources, including segmented database access.

We built our pricing structure based on feedback from hosting companies and extensive analysis of the shared hosting market segment. As a result, hosting companies offer our solutions at a realistic shared-hosting price-point. A compelling backup option can also help to drive new business opportunities by expanding your market reach since offering a competitive backup solution for shared hosting will attract a more loyal demographic.

Arkeia’s shared hosting partners have reported dramatic increases in ARPU and customer loyalty as well as decreases in customer support costs. These improvements are directly attributed to Arkeia’s backup solution.

Increase ARPU

With the many pricing structure variables that can be offered by the hosting company, unique methods can be used to entice customers to upgrade their backup plan. For example, a hosting provider can offer add-ons to increase storage volume (capacity and total number of copies), backup frequency, and data retention history (length of time data is retained). Many partners choose to offer single upgrade options as well as bundle upgrades.

Improve Customer Loyalty and Stickiness

When a customer has months (or even years) of historical data archived through the hosting provider, incentive exists for the customer to remain loyal to that provider. We have seen evidence that supports this in almost every market segment. Data retained within a specific infrastructure is much more likely to promote customer loyalty.

Decrease Customer Support Costs

There are also a number of reasons why offering a shared hosting backup solution will help alleviate customer support costs. For example, customers who experience malicious attacks, malware issues, corrupt database entries, lost data, etc. will typically use a vast amount of customer support resources, in many cases with no resolve. The issue could even be rooted in vulnerable scripting or the server itself. With Arkeia’s backup solution, no matter where the cause of the issue was rooted, users would have the option of simply restoring the previous day’s backup and quickly resolve any issues.

Global Deployment & Central Administraion

Deployment and administration of a backup solution can be just as complicated as the problems it can alleviate. Fortunately at Arkeia, we have gone to great lengths to ensure the highest quality user experience exists all the way from the end-user to the highest level administrator of the system. Our automated provisioning process is second to none when it comes to ease-of-use and efficiency.

We also understand that when it comes to managing a shared hosting environment, Centralized Administration is critical. We have organized the structure of the system to allow a single master administrator access and ability to perform all necessary functions from a single administrative interface. Or for larger organizations, our hierarchical permission structure easily allows a senior administrator to assign specific tasks to server administrators who oversee specific network segments.  Administrators have control over the system at a granular level, even to the point of being able to increase or restrict the permissions of a single, specified end-user. This can be very useful upon abuse of the system or in cases where a trusted user can be given more access upon request or upon increase of subscription rate.

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