Arkeia Software

Arkeia's Technical Fit for Hosters

Key Technical Capabilities

1. Flexible deployments

2. Speed of Backups and Restores

3. Easily Customized

4. Hardware Appliance

5. Detailed Reporting

6. Proven Products

7. 150 Supported Platforms

Arkeia Network Backup is well-suited to the backup and restore requirements of hosting companies. We present a few reasons below:

Flexible Deployments

Arkeia Network Backup is proven and flexible. The servers can be deployed as a software application, a hardware appliance, or a virtual appliance. The same backup agents are used, whatever the mode of deployment. So deploy the software application now...and replace the server later with an appliance.

Speed of Backups and Restores

Backup and restore speed is critical for hosting companies. Who manages more data? Arkeia was built from the ground up for performance, with features like "Multi-flow" and the ability to accelerate backups by performing indexing in a second pass.

Easily Customized and MSP Branded

Arkeia Network Backup can be heavily customized to adapt the product to your infrastructure and requirements. Our command-line interface gives you control of all the same functionality as the web user-interface...but can be managed with your favorite scripting language.

Hardware Appliance for Customer Locations

Arkeia Software's hardware appliance delivers our proven software in a package ideal for small and medium business. Manage the appliance remotely--but permit users to run their own restores locally. User-initiated restores reduce the load on the hosting company.

Detailed Reporting Simplifies Management

Arkeia provides extensive reporting capabilties, where reports can be delivered by email or generated interactively. They can be presented as HTML or as plain text. The plain text reporting is especially useful when integrating reports into a management dashboard.

Proven Products, Protecting 100,000 Machines

Arkeia Network Backup is a rock-solid, proven network backup solution. We protect hundreds of thousands of computers, and are widely deployed among shared, dedicated and managed hosting companies.

150 Supported Platforms

Support your customers, whatever their platform. We support over 150 platforms. For your internal operations, rest assured that we support the flavor of Linux or BSD you have chosen, including Red Hat, Ubuntu, Debian, Mandriva, Suse, FreeBSD, NetBSD, and OpenBSD.