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Arkeia Software provides specialized agents for both Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware vSphere/ESX, based on applications programming interfaces (APIs) provided by these two vendors. Our agents perform image backups of one or more virtual machines using just a single backup agent. All backups are done while virtual machines are live and running.

Arkeia supports image backups via command line for virtualization environments from Citrix and Parallels. Because RHEV does not yet provide a facility for image backups, we protect RHEV deployments with agents in each guest OS. Learn more about Arkeia solutions for virtual environments.

Virtualization Vendor Environment
Image Backups Supported by Vendor? Backups Managed Via Vendor's... Incremental Image Backups Supported by Vendor? Arkeia Support for Backups via...
VMware vSphere Yes vStorage API Yes Arkeia Agent
Microsoft Hyper-V Yes VSS API No* Arkeia Agent
Citrix XenServer Yes Command Line No Script
Parallels Server 4 Bare Metal Yes Command Line No Script
Red Hat RHEV No Guest OS NA Guest OS Agents

(*) Incremental backups are made possible by Arkeia's source-side dedupe.

VMware vStorage Backup Agent

Arkeia's Backup Agent for VMware vSphere takes advantage of VMware's VADP (vStorage APIs for Data Protection). The vStorage API enables backups that previously were not possible with VMware Consolidated Backup (VCB) or console-based backups. The vStorage Backup Agent enables proxy-less backups of VMware virtual machines that can leverage existing LAN or SAN infrastructure. Arkeia's backup agent for vStorage performs block-level incremental backups (via Changed Block Tracking) of virtual machines, as well as file-grain restores from image backups. Learn more about Arkeia's vStorage Backup Agent.

Microsoft Hyper-V Backup Agent

The Hyper-V Backup Agent leverages Microsoft's Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) to perform snapshot-based backups of virtual machines. Both Linux and Windows guest operating systems are supported. For any VSS-aware applications that are running within the virtual machine, for example SQL Server or Exchange, the Hyper-V Backup Agent will perform VSS quiescing of those applications as well. Arkeia's source-side deduplication offers all the compression benefits of incremental backups because the Arkeia Backup Agent will only send new (i.e. unknown) blocks over the network to the Arkeia Backup Server. Learn more about the Hyper-V Backup Agent.

Citrix XenServer and Open Source Xen Backup Solutions

Arkeia Network Backup is able to perform image backups of Citrix XenServer and other Xen virtualization deployments. The Xen server can be included in an Arkeia backup infrastructure and be fully and automatically protected. Learn more about Arkeia Backup Solutions for XenServer and Xen.

Parallels Server 4 Bare Metal Backup Solutions

Arkeia Network Backup is able to perform image backups of Parallels Server 4 Bare Metal based on a command-line script. These scripts can be included in an Arkeia backup infrastructure.

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Backup Solutions

Because RHEV does not currently provide for image backups of virtual machines, Arkeia recommends installing backup agents in each guest OS. Arkeia and Red Hat have jointly certified this backup solution. Learn more about Arkeia Backup Solutions for RHEV.

Three capabilities make Arkeia solutions outstanding for protecting virtualized environments. No other data protection integrates all of these capabilities:

  • Arkeia protects all the major virtual environments. It also protects more than 200 physical platforms so a single backup solution can protect your entire IT environment.
  • Arkeia's Progressive Deduplication™ is truly global. It deduplicates data blocks not only across multiple virtual machines, but across multiple hypervisors. Moreover, deduplication works across both physical and virtual environments further reducing your backup size!
  • Arkeia supports direct backup to disk and tape. Arkeia also replicates backup sets to local media (e.g. tape), as well as to public or private clouds, for secure off-site storage.


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