Arkeia Software

Large Data Center and Managed Service Provider Deployments

The largest data centers might have thousands of servers deployed as traditional rack-mountable servers, blade servers or as virtual machines. These data centers environments have unique requirements that include:

  • Speed – many servers and enormous amounts of data require high performing backups
  • Flexible – customizable to integrate and fit within your uniquely developed, highly automated infrastructure
  • Scalable – the ability to grow quickly and easily to support a very large number of servers
  • Cost – more so than ever, data center managers are focused on return on investment and the total cost of ownership of their investments

Example Scenario 1: Virtual Appliance Deployment for Managed Service Providers

This scenario is a fit for large data centers (such as managed hosting service providers) which have broadly deployed virtualization. Data centers need to quickly deploy new backup servers as business requirements change, and they also must manage those backup servers in an automated way.



Example Scenario 2: Software Application Deployment for Data Centers

This solution is similar to the SMB Deployment mode infrastructure, but might add enterprise storage options such as support for SAN and NAS attached devices. Arkeia professional services might also be engaged to optimize Arkeia’s flexible technology or to customize integration.


  • Arkeia Software Application: deployed in a similar infrastructure as SMB Deployments, plus:
  • Shared Storage Option (SSO): to share SAN attached storage devices
  • NDMP: to backup NAS devices without an agent
  • Virtual Tape Library (VTL): to leverage the benefits of disk without disrupting backup processes
  • Disk-to-Disk-to-Tape: to seamlessly backup to disk and archive to tape
  • Tape Automation: to support even the largest enterprise libraries
  • Services: to optimize and customize deployments (such as to implement multi-flow backups)