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Multi-Mode Enterprise Deployments

Large organizations with distributed operations typically have a heterogeneous infrastructure that might include traditional servers, blade servers, physical appliances, virtualization and a host of applications and databases. Moreover, business requirements for how data should be protected vary widely across this environment.

The backup solution that fits these multi-faceted environments must have the flexibility to be deployed in multiple modes yet must also deliver the consistency to simplify ongoing management.

Specifically, the multi-mode backup solution must deliver:

  • Uniform graphical interface across all deployment modes – to a avoid time consuming learning curve and avoid mistakes and inefficiencies derived from inconsistent backup processes
  • Consistent agent software – that will not need to change based on size, location or deployment mode of the backup server
  • Cross-deployment replication of backup data – so backup data can be seamlessly migrated from location to location as data requirements dictate
  • Central management across locations and deployments – so the entire heterogeneous, multi-mode environment can be managed from one central interface

Example Scenario: Multi-Mode Deployments

This scenario delivers Arkeia Network Backup servers as physical appliances, virtual appliances and as traditional software applications.



  • Arkeia Software Application – deployed in traditional network environments as a software image on your chosen operating system-server combination
  • Arkeia Virtual Appliance – deployed in locations with virtualization (typically data centers) to enable rapid deployment and reassignment of multiple backup servers and to fully leverage the benefits of a virtual environment
  • Arkeia Hardware Appliance – deployed in remote offices with no local IT
  • Backup Replication – deployed to replicate data from location to location as data protection requirements necessitate
  • Central Management – deployed to easily manage the entire backup infrastructure in a consistent manner
  • Tape Automation – deployed in your data center to migrate data to tape for long term archiving
The Arkeia Network Backup suite is the only data protection suite that can be deployed in three ways: physical appliance, virtual appliance and traditional software application.