Arkeia Software

Small and Medium Business (SMB) Deployments

According to some estimates, small and medium-sized businesses (enterprises with fewer than 500 employees) represent 40% to 50% of the worlds’ GDP. There are more than five million of these businesses in the Unites States alone. For these enterprises, the requirements for protecting data are growing, and the cost of downtime is significant. SMBs require that solutions are:

  • Easy-to-install
  • Easy-to-use
  • Reliable
  • Affordable

Example Scenario 1: Single Arkeia Software Application

This solution includes Arkeia Network Backup software deployed on your own preferred hardware. SMBs enjoy innovative technology and the industry’s best total cost of ownership (TCO).

The backup system must also be fully-functioning and be able to scale as the business grows, with no “fork-lift” upgrade required.



  • Arkeia Network Backup Software Application – fast, flexible backup server with a web-based interface and integrated help and wizards
  • File Backup Agents – agents to backup over 130 operating systems and architectures
  • Application Agents and/or Database Agents – agents to backup applications and databases such as Microsoft Exchange and Oracle
  • Tape Drive Support, Small Library Support and/or Disk (Virtual Tape Library) Support – the ability to support multiple targets for data backup
Several software application bundles are also available to help small and medium businesses deploy Arkeia.

Example Scenario 2: Single Arkeia Hardware Appliance

This solution includes the all-in-one, plug-and-play, Hardware Appliance. Businesses with limited IT skills benefit from an integrated backup solution from a single source.



  • Arkeia Hardware Appliance - four models to choose from, ranging from the entry-level 110 Series through the extensible 510 Series. The all-in-one server with disk storage and optional integrated tape drive offers a fully integrated backup and recovery solution.