Arkeia Software

Software Downloads

Customers on current maintenance contracts should go to the Customer Support Portal to download Arkeia software.

Customers can download backup servers and options, backup agents and options, appliance firmware, and even a demo appliance that will run on most VMware platforms. If you are a customer without portal credentials, register here.

Evaluators may register for downloads to obtain a free 30-day evaluation license. After you register you will be sent an email that will give you direct access (without the need to register again) to Arkeia's download packages.

Arkeia Network Backup is not itself an open source product. Nonetheless, some Arkeia products include open source packages. Download these open source packages and their corresponding license agreements here.

The one exception to object-code (i.e. binary code or compiled code) distribution of Arkeia Network Backup is the stand-alone "readarkeia" application. "Readarkeia" is a C-language application provided by Arkeia in source-code to allow holders of media (e.g. LTO4 tapes) written by Arkeia Network Backup to read these media without the Arkeia Network Backup application.

To request an appliance evaluation unit or to speak directly with a product consultant, contact us today.

Software for Evaluators

Evaluators can register to download software with a free 30-day evaluator's license.

Software for Customers

Login here to the Customer Portal to download software without registration.

Open Source Components

Download source code for open source packages included in certain Arkeia products.