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Open Source Solutions

Since its inception in 1996, Arkeia Software has been a pioneer in delivering enterprise-class data protection to the Linux and Open Source communities. Today, Arkeia Software provides the market's broadest and deepest support for Linux and open source applications, with more than 100 Linux platforms supported.

Arkeia was the first to run natively on all major distributions of Linux in 1997, and our flagship product has won many awards and accolades from the Linux and open source community. Most importantly, Arkeia is a validated solution as the only vendor with more than 100,000 Linux networks protected in more than 70 countries. Customers such as Ericsson Telecom, the University of Utah, and Zen Internet use our products to protect their Linux deployments.


Open Source Partners

Arkeia has a long legacy of partnering with innovators in the Linux and open source community to support both applications and operating systems.

Supported Open Source Products

Arkeia supports nearly every open source platform available today and provides agents for open source applications.

Why Arkeia for Open Source?

When it comes to open source environments, users have many options. Be sure to weigh the risks and benefits of each.

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Subscription Licensing

Arkeia now offers a subscription licensing option similar to Red Hat, SuSE, MySQL and Ubuntu to match how these leading open source solutions deliver support subscriptions. Organizations who prefer an annual support subscription model can now use the most robust and mature Linux backup solution in the market, Arkeia Network Backup. Unlike other backup solutions that are subscription based, Arkeia is a fully-featured, enterprise class backup suite with broad application support and live, local technical support.

Open Source Infrastructure

All Arkeia software products are available free to download and test. We involve the community in our product design and testing, and our product documentation is openly available via the Arkeia wiki. Additionally, the Arkeia development team regularly contributes to open source project such as XFS and GDB. Finally, every backup image written by our backup servers includes the C-language source code for reading the backup images and restoring its files.

Linux and open source development deliver innovative products which also have the reliability, scalability, security and affordability that enterprises demand. For enterprises that have committed to this movement, there is not better backup partner than Arkeia Software.

Arkeia free perpetual licenses

Acknowledging the work of thousands of developers who have donated time and expertise to make Linux a viable operating system alternative worldwide, Arkeia offers no-cost perpetual licenses of its product for one backup server backing up two client machines to disk or tape.

Get the Arkeia free backup server for any Linux

Get the Arkeia free backup server for Ubuntu LTS (package directly available from Canonical repository)

Get the Arkeia free virtual backup appliance for VMware