Arkeia Software

Why Arkeia for Open Source?

"Thinking of the time and energy we have invested and wasted on zmanda, Arkeia Network Backup works considerably better and comes with so much technical advantages that it provides a much better price-performance ratio."
Arkeia is the established leader in supporting Linux and open source, but is not ideal for all environments. Weigh carefully the benefits and risks of backup solutions for your open source environment. You can always try Arkeia solutions for free to make sure they fit your needs.

Tools and scripts tar, dump, cp, cpio and uucp
  • Flexibility and low / no up-front financial cost.
  • Requires manual development and ongoing upkeep.
  • Doesn’t do "backup" as they do not create an index or catalog for tracking backups (making restores very difficult).
  • No technical support.
Open source projects Amanda, Bacula
  • No up-front financial cost.
  • Lack of technical support.
  • Uncertain product updates.
  • Limited feature & platform support.
Specialized commercial software Storix, Lone-Tar, Zmanda
  • Focus on open source.
  • Potential high costs.
  • Limited platform support (Linux).
  • Limited features-set.
  • Can be small/ unproven solutions.