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Total Cost of Ownership

Best-in-Class Total Cost of Ownership

Arkeia delivers the best value in our segment. The Arkeia Network Backup suite of products are fast and flexible solutions with innovative technology. With full-featured solutions that have been proven reliable with more than 7,000 customer installations, Arkeia also offers you the best overall life-cycle cost.

When calculating the total cost of ownership for data protection software, there are two primary areas to consider: up front costs and future costs. In both areas, there are the obvious real financial transaction costs as well as the hidden costs of lost time, increased complexity and the cost of additional risk and uncertainty.

Initial Cost to Purchase

Arkeia routinely studies the pricing practices in our segment and believes in a balanced pricing approach. Some distinguishing aspects of our pricing approach include that we:

  • Believe in pricing simplicity. Even with hundreds of packages and three distinct deployment modes, our standard price list is less than ten pages long compared to some of our competitors’ who require hundreds of pages to explain their pricing.
  • Believe in flexibility in pricing, such as offering enterprise license agreements for very large implementations and volume-based pricing for managed service providers.
  • Believe in harmonizing pricing across deployment options (physical, virtual or traditional)
  • Do not charge large recurring annual fees (such as Zmanda or eVault), which can double or triple your financial transaction costs over a multiple year horizon.
  • Do not charge by CPU of agent or backup server, which unfairly punishes larger installations.
  • Do not charge by number of slots in tape drive, which also punishes larger installations.

Illustrative Example – Initial Purchase Price Comparison Arkeia and CommVault*


CommVault v8Arkeia Network Backup v8Arkeia Cost Savings
Backup Server 1,455 800 45%
Media Server on UNIX 7,500 1,400 81%
Shared Storage Option 3,200 1,000 69%
VTL Option for up to 5TB of data 4,500 2,500 44%
VTL Option for up to 50TB of data 27,500 20,000 56%
NDMP Agent for up to 75 TB of data 12,500 2,300 82%
Oracle on Unix Agent 5,000 1,200 76%
Encryption Option 3,250 2,000 38%
Average Savings:62%

CommVault list price compared to Arkeia list price, from:

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Installation Cost

Arkeia typically does not require additional onsite professional services. Our new web-based GUI, online help, and integrated wizards make installing and using the product intuitive and straight forward. Unlike many vendors in the market, all of our client agents are deployed in a uniform fashion, making installation an easy, consistent process. What’s more, all of our documentation is easily accessible via a global Wiki and we provide all customers email and web installation support from our senior support engineers. NetBackup, Legato, and CommVault often require onsite installation and configuration services (we offer such services, but don’t think you’ll need them). These services can cost you thousands or tens of thousands more on top of your license costs.

Ongoing Operational Costs

Once the system is installed and running, continuing costs must also be considered into the TCO calculation. Time is an expensive and limited resource. Arkeia’s easy to use web graphical user interface makes management a critical time-saver. High speed backups driven through robust parallelism built into the architecture means backup windows are shorter, freeing up time and enhancing productivity. Finally, ongoing costs must consider the quality of technical support organization. Arkeia’s direct, senior-level support engineers are located in North American for North American customers in Europe for European customers.

Future Costs

Two areas to be concerned with when calculating the life-cycle cost of your backup system are maintenance (access to product updates and technical support) and growth considerations. Arkeia’s maintenance fees determined as a percentage of list price and depend on the level of support and the length of time purchased. So, since the initial purchase price of Arkeia is typically lower so are the ongoing maintenance costs.

Growth in your infrastructure can have a huge impact on the total cost of ownership. First, Arkeia has been built from the ground up to scale from the smallest to the largest enterprises. So, unlike other vendors in the segment (e.g. Symantec with Backup Exec for small and NetBackup for large, or EMC with Dantz for small and Legato for large), Arkeia requires no forklift upgrade. Backup servers, agents and options need never change regardless of your growth. Changing infrastructures may also cause costs to your organization. With three deployment modes, (traditional, hardware appliance and virtual appliance) you can be assured what is deployed today future-proofed to changes in your infrastructure.

Other Hidden Costs

New approaches to data protection and new vendors delivering backup solutions introduce the hidden cost of uncertainty. The risks of relying on uncertain solutions for your mission-critical data are significant. The business cost of downtime and the growing legal and regulatory penalties for lost or stolen data are large. You must have confidence in your solution and the company who delivers it. These often overlooked costs must be weighed carefully when considering your overall total cost of ownership. Arkeia is a proven solution with more than 7,000 enterprises relying on Arkeia Network Backup suite since 1996.